Elite Barbarians Vs. Barbarians

Elite Barbarians is a new card which will be added to the Clash Royale game in the next few weeks. Tons of comments saying Elite Barbarians are completely not worth 6 Elixir. Therefore, we will show you the reason why they are actually valuable and useful despite their low stats on paper.

Elite Barbarians Vs. Barbarians

Elite Barbarians vs. Barbarians

Firstly, we will start to research by comparing Elite Barbarians to Barbarians at Tournament Standard.

Level 9 Barbarians

  • 5 Elixir cost
  • x4 Troop count
  • 636 HP (total 2544)
  • 106 DPS (total 424)
  • 159 damage (total 636)
  • 5 hit speed
  • Medium movement speed
  • Melee attack range

Level 9 Elite Barbarians

  • 6 Elixir cost
  • x2 Troop count
  • 890 HP (total 1780)
  • 155 DPS (total 292)
  • 233 Damage (total 380)
  • 5 hit speed
  • Very fast movement speed
  • Melee attack range

According to the raw numbers above, you can see that Elite Barbarians are not good when being placed next to the regular Barbarians. However, the fact that Elite Barbarians are not bad for those who are looking for a large-scale defensive option.

Next, you can have a look at the problem that Barbarians are facing in the existing Meta Clash Royale game. It’s amazing! Elite Barbarians can fix all of those troubles.

Elite Barbarians is a noticeable card, which possessing enough HP to cope with AoE effects that habitually destroy Barbarians.

The Regular barbarians are vulnerable to many different types of AoE effects, for example, Bowler, Baby Dragon, Fireball, The Log, Fire Spirits, and so on. They are helpful at solving Barbarians, particularly after they cross the bridge, making Bars easy to deal. Whereas that, Elite Barbarians have the higher HP, making them resistant to AoE. Aside from that, Elite Barbarians can survive Lightning, which is cool comparing to any swarm troop. It will take a lot of time to demolish defensive Elite Barbarians. They will have the sufficient defense to fight against other protective units. Besides, you can deploy other defensive troops or buildings in case the enemy has the Lightning because of the better HP of Elite Barbarians. Thus, Elite Barbarians will set the foe in a strenuous situation when they are choosing between Lightning on Elite Barbarians or defending forces.

The fast pace will help Elite Barbarians more appropriate on offense and hunt down the opponent on defense.

The Regular Bars in Clash Royale download game are too slow to cooperate with their attacking range and moderate HP. And it will limit their potential while they are trying to devastate the target.

If the adversary is utilizing a typical Giant Bowler push and you are controlling Barbarians, you may want to kill the Bowler with Bars. Indeed, Bars can put an end to the Bowler if you put them down in the proper way but it takes so long to move to the prey nearby, the Giant. At that moment, the competitor will receive much more time to counter your fighters. The Giant will cause lots of serious damage to the Tower before they are eliminated as well.

When you apply Elite Bars to defend instead of offending, they are able to knock down the Bowler without difficulty and terminate the Giant quickly.

Put in practice, Elite Bars is very excellent at battling against the big push although they have the lower DPS.

If you lay them in the wrong spot while assaulting with the Hog Rider in Clash Royale game, they still chase it easily. Additionally, Elite Bars can create the threat rely on the insane DPS like the Lumberjack. Drop them on the counter-pushing groups to collect an Elixir advantage. In general, Elite Barbarians are awesome on offense than Regular Barbarians.

For Barbarians, Elite Barbarians obtain a higher-level balance of attacking speed and DPS. The DPS distribution of Bars is undesirable in some circumstances. In addition to that, their attack speed is pretty low. They cannot defeat Goblins with one hit. Elite Barbarians have the same rapidity. But, they can cause the failure of swarm cards and tanks.

Having 2 troops count is the pros!

Especially, Barbarians will lunge into each other to reach the quarry in Clash Royale game. It means that they need to wait for a while to acquire the max DPS. So, it wastes his time. An Elite Barbarian can proceed effortlessly with no blocking his teammate. That allows them to gain the brimming DPS right away. Furthermore, Elite Barbarians can be used to lay siege and remove Wizard, Sparky, or other guys.

Moreover, Elite Barbarians have a real disadvantage is that they cost 6 Elixir. It is more expensive than Inferno Tower, Mini P.E.K.K.A, or Minion Horde. It’s fine though. You will have a more dependable choice than any risky card mentioned. Elite Barbarians is considered as the lowest risk heavy defensive card. Dissimilar to the Inferno Tower, they are crazy on counter-pushing.

You should try these new cards when the Tank-Lighting Decks are taking over after the Inferno Tower nerf.


The Elite Barbarians do not have the great stats. They simply have the less weakness. They can make positive Elixir trade. They are reliable. And Elite Bars are the remarkable heavily defensive cards, which gives the opportunity for the rival having the Elixir advantage to break through. If they do not have, the defender will frustrate with the high-priced but well-founded Elite Barbarians.

Hope you enjoyed!

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