Why you should use The Tesla

About Tesla

The Tesla in Clash Royale game will be unlocked in P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse at Arena 4. It is a single-target and medium-ranged defensive building with moderate hitpoints and damage. The Tesla will retreat underground and become invulnerable to any assault when it does not attack the enemy. However, its lifetime and that point will be decreased over time. A Tesla card will cost 4 Elixir to deploy.

In the Clash Royale game, Tesla is one of the most underrated cards. Although most of the players have a lot of buff, they still do not have it in their decks. With the guide that we will introduce, hope you will find out the best uses of the Tesla and achieve advantages of it.

Why you should use The Tesla

Why you should use The Tesla

First of all, have a look at the stats of the Tesla at the Clash Royale download game’s Tournament Standard in the tables below.

HP Damage DPS
954 135 168

And Musketeer’s stats at Tournament Standard

HP Damage DPS
598 176 160

You are able to easily see how beastly the stats of the Tesla are. It can take over the Musketeer with the exception of the attacking range.

The matchups between Tesla and the popular main damage dealers in the current meta game.

  • For Royal Giant, you can put down the Tesla and any support troop to take out the foe. The Tesla in Clash Royale game possesses a better HP and DPS comparing to Cannon. It can survive one extra shot while coping with lots of dangerous hits. Besides, try to place it in the middle, 2 tiles below the river. The placement will cut the corner of both sides and force the Royal giant to walk into your side and activate the Hidden Tesla without difficulty later.
  • For Lava Hound, there are plenty of players don’t know that the Tesla can definitely counter the Lava Hound and Lava Pups because of the high HP and DPS. It is actually effective to fight against Lava Hound.
  • For Giant, Inferno Tower will be the best. It will help you solve tankers. But, the Tesla will launch a heavy damage. Once more, the Tesla is better than Cannon in the existing situation.
  • For Hog Rider, the Cannon is more useful at dealing with Hog Rider. Additionally, Cannon is cheaper. And Tesla can remove the supports behind.
  • For Miner, locate Tesla properly and demolish the coming support troop.
  • Tesla is also good at killing Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion, Knight, Valkyrie, and so on.

Don’t use the Tesla to pull troops as far as the Cannon! To have the longest lure, set it in the middle.

Tesla vs. Cannon

  • In Clash Royale online game Tesla has the higher damage and HP.
  • Tesla can target the air and ground units. Most of the decks having Cannon are weak to battle against air. Lava Hound decks are used in Challenges at the moment.
  • Tesla can stay for 10 seconds and give you more opportunities to defeat threats. It’s possible to put 2 Teslas up at once.

Tesla vs. Inferno Tower

  • Tesla is cheaper, 4 Elixir vs. 5 Elixir.
  • It is not made to shred the most powerful tankers. It can match any card. The small and medium-sized troops are not the problem such as Skeletons.
  • Tesla is incomparable. A single Zap spell can devastate the Inferno Tower defense. It can’t shut down the Tesla though.
  • Dissimilar to Inferno Tower and Cannon, you can place down the Hidden Tesla a bit early while playing against Royal Giant. While it’s underground, it is unaffected by damage-dealing spells like the Rocket and Lightning except the Freeze.

Hope you enjoyed!

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