Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

Top 5 Upgradable Common Cards

First of all, you should learn about Zap. It is a remarkable card in the Clash Royale game.


Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

Zap is one of the most common cards. You can wonder that the Zap Spell is very well whilst The Log is a Legendary Card, why it is still arranged into the list. Dissimilar to The Log, the Zap Spell is able to target the air troop, especially the Minion Horde. Additionally, it can weaken the foe in the short time so that your Arena Tower makes one shot. Meanwhile, the Zap Spell will provide to the player a 1-second stun effect, which increases the winning chance in every battle. That effect will not only disable troops together with buildings but also set again their objective. Aside from that, it will reset the charge of an Inferno Tower. Not only that, it makes a difference to a Sparky. So, it is an incredible card in-game.

The fact that the Zap Spell is more effective than other Legendary Cards like Princess, or Ice Wizard, or Miner in tournaments. You should make sure you will work hard to earn levels and upgrade your Zap Spell because it is an important card in Clash Royale download game to improve. The reason is that if it does not have the same level as the rival’s Goblins, you cannot destroy them with only one hit and it will change the result a lot. If you have a Level 9 Zap Spell, everything will be easier when you can remove the other using Level 9 Goblins. If you possess a Level 9 Zap Spell, those Goblins will die and your Hog Rider will cause the serious damage. Just one level can influence deeply.

Next, we will move to another card known as Barbarians


Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a cool game. In which, the Barbarians play an essential role. It is unlocked at the Arena 3. Barbarians are good defensive cards during the match. If you place them in the most appropriate spot, they can help you fight against the enemy effectively. For instance, encircling Sparky with Barbarians will let you counter the Sparky without difficulty. Royal Giant, Three Musketeers, Golem, Pekka, Hog Rider, Prince, Giant Skeleton and big threats can be finished off by Barbarians. If you are staying in the Arena 3, 4, or 5, you are recommended to request for Barbarians. They are successful in every Arena.

Royal Giant

Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

We can say that Royal Giant is a beast in the Clash Royale game. However, they have a very big problem related to when you are facing up to an opponent having the high level. Remember that Royal Giant is a Common card! Therefore, he is too simple to reach the new level. He is the intense offensive card as well. If you exist in the Arena 7 and you have unlocked the Royal Giant, you can modernize him. He is better than most of the defenses. Besides, he can directly devastate the second Arena Tower of the adversary when you have cleared the earliest one. He can acquire 2 Crown wins effortlessly.

Fire Spirits

Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

In the clash Royale game, the Arena 5 is regarded as the golden battlefield because you will have the occasion to own two super valuable cards consisting of the Zap Spell and Fire Spirits. But, what makes the Fire Spirits foremost is how much the value that they supply. For example, the Fire Spirits on barbarians or Minion horde will grant 3 Elixir in profit. Actually, the Wizard is the troop that takes out Minions in one shot. While the Wizard costs 5 Elixir, the Fire Spirits costs 2. Thus, it’s fairly faster to set the sturdy combos with the low-priced Fire Spirits than the costly Wizard. Moreover, you will knock down the 9 Elixir Three Musketeers card if you combine the zap Spell and the Fire Spirits, a 4 Elixir combo killing a 9 Elixir card. Fire Spirits are noticeable to compete against the intimidation from Goblin Barrel, Guards, Skeleton Army, Goblins, Archers, etc.


Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

In a few months ago, the 3-Elixir Minions card did not seem to live in the Clash Royale game due to very few people utilized it. They thought that the Minion horde was much higher-ranking. Then, almost no one applied the Zap Spell because it did not have any stunning effect. Legendary Cards like Princess and the Ice Wizard with Fire Spirits did not subsist, too. Everything changed after that event when there were so many threats for the Minion Horde. And the player decided to believe in the safer 3 Elixir Minions.

Minions are the strongest 3 Elixir card, which causing twice damage than the Archers. As a result, it is a powerful defensive card. They can fly and they are not vulnerable to the action of ground intimidating such as Prince, Pekka, or Bowler.

Ice Spirit

Top 5 Common Cards in Clash Royale

Ice Spirit is an exciting 1 Elixir card. Similar to the Zap Spell, it can set differently the target of troops and buildings. Unlike the Zap Spell, it is a troop card used to draw away the other forces. Hence, it is more worth for 1 Elixir.

Note that not every Common card can be in the Top 5!

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