The Best Elixir Collector Placements

The update for the Clash Royale game will give you the information about the best positions that you can use to operate the Elixir Collector. And you know the opponent’s deck will utterly influence your job. In some cases, you’d better place it in front of the Tower of the King. However, in other situations, placing it behind the Crown Tower is a reasonable choice. Thus, we will talk about the most appropriate Pump spot.

What is the best Elixir Collector Placement in Clash Royale?

In front of the King’s Tower

The placement you have selected is considered as a very good area which helps you fight against Giant Balloon and Miner because:

  • Both of the Towers in Clash Royale download game will be able to target the rival’s troops.
  • If you use deploy use a defensive building to draw the Giant along with the Balloon into the middle, the building will be demolished by the Balloon in an instant after you knock down the Giant. Nevertheless, the Balloon can be attracted by the nearby one. If it is not killed by two Towers before getting close to the Collector, it will attack the Collector and your King’s Tower will be activated. It is a huge advantage for you.

Although the location is pretty vulnerable to the Poison, you can encounter a few unsophisticated guys who can trigger the King’s Tower unexpectedly while trying to beat the Collector and the Crown Tower by administering poison.

Next to the King’s Tower

The Best Elixir Collector Placements

It is an ideal site for you to deal with the Poison and the Fireball because the enemy in the Clash Royale game will not be able to perform the most of those spells effectively. The Poison cannot control your forces and so does the Fireball.

If they launch the Fireball of the Poison on your Collector and the Tower at once, you can protect them from the center and the corner without difficulty. Locate the Pump at 90 degrees of the King’s Tower and the bottom corner.

You will realize that tactic is great to defend against Miner because you are allowed to drop your Musketeer behind the King’s Tower and prevent the onslaught as well as make a counterpush right away on the other side. Additionally, almost players in the Clash Royale download game will decide to deploy the Miner to the right side of the Pump. Therefore, pre-place Mini P.E.K.K.A there.

Behind the Towers

The Best Elixir Collector Placements

It is a cool setting so as to battle against most of the decks that not using the Miner. Do not worry about the Poison! You still have other methods to solve it.

Furthermore, you can check out other nice regions. For instance, lay down the Pump 2 tiles in front of your King’s Tower and soak damage from the Royal Giant.

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