How to use Fire Spirits Properly – In-depth Guide

Fire Spirits is known as an amazing card in Clash Royale game and it doesn’t cost much Elixir. Fire Spirits is a type of card that is able to aim at air and ground troops. These cards have their own mechanic and are able to destroy themselves too. If you want to use Fire Spirits wisely during your game, you should check out some useful advice and several tactics below.

How to use Fire Spirits Properly – In-depth Guide


About Fire Spirits

Fire SpiritsFire Spirits are called Kamikaze troops which are the same as other ranged troops. They have their specific scope to fire the projectiles. You should know that they are truly projectiles, and they can launch a large fireball.

Fire Spirits possess 91 HP and each of them is able to give out 169 area damage at level 9 in Tournament, which makes them impossible to kill by the enemy towers. However, even if they have high HP, they will still get more damage, but only self-destruction can kill them. You should focus on how to help them reach the destination alive.

Level HP Damage
1 43 80
2 47 88
3 52 96
4 57 106
5 62 116
6 68 128
7 75 140
8 82 154
9 91 169
10 100 186
11 110 204
12 120 224
13 132 247

Tactic for deploying Fire Spirits

Protective Spirits

Fire Spirits have their own mechanic and protective skills. But you should try to learn how to use them wisely because it doesn’t seem so easy to deploy them at all.

Minions & Minion Hordes

These cards are known as air troops that don’t have high HP. However, there are still lots of players using them in the game. The biggest rival of these cards are Arrows, but Arrows don’t show up in each of deck! You shouldn’t worry about that because now you have Fire Spirits which are much tougher than Arrows. Fire Spirits drop +1 Elixir trade opposed to the former, and +3 Elixir trade opposed to the following. Obviously, they are much better than Arrows.  You should position the Fire Spirits wisely, like far enough to make sure that the Minions won’t be able to get to them before they run out of the deploying time.


Barbarians are one of the most usual cards in the game. They can withstand a fair amount of damage, and deal larger damage if they are ignored. If you want to destroy all Barbarians, you can use Fire Spirits! They will have enough HP to stay alive and gain a +3 Elixir trade.

It’s sometimes very perilous for you to use Fire Spirits to counter Barbarians, especially when you place them. You can put them nearby easily if they have a common square position. If you put them at the back of tower, you just make them go in a line. If you put them at the fore of the line, it won’t bring you a good result because that just only make Fire Spirits destroy the initial two Barbarians. You should place them at the side of the line to make sure that they can attack the second or the third Barbarians, which allows them to destroy the whole queue.

Goblins, Spear Goblins, Archers

When these units get to the arena edge, they will come with a certain unit, such as Valkyrie or Hog. You should use Fire Spirits to destroy all of them when they approach together. With the Fire Spirits, they will be defeated and removed by taking a large damage.

Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards

To cope with these units, you should position the Fire Spirits out of the scope to let them generate and come out without being killed. After that, you can continue taking out all the units. The initial two will demolish the shields, while the final one is trying to remove skeletons that are covering themselves under.

Goblin Barrel

Fire Spirits are a tough counter to Goblin Barrel even if it’s rare or not. If the Goblins are bundled up together in an area, just only one Spirit is enough to destroy three of them.


Balloons can cause panic because they are normally put at the back of a larger troop. With cheap Fire Spirits, their HP will surely be decreased in the short time. Only Fire Spirits can do this to Balloons.

Witch, Wizard, Bomber, Baby Dragon

These units are so difficult, and you must consider if you want to play Fire Spirits to go against them or not. But if you do want, you should know how! These troops can become the nightmare of Fire Spirits. You should use Fire Spirits to divert them away with another unit. Doing so will cost you over 3 Elixir, but Fire Spirits are able to rip into the HP bars of all units that allows a tower to kill all of them before they deal more damage.


While Fire Spirits are nowhere near a counter to the Prince, playing them well can hugely decrease the amount of damage a Prince can do if you can’t stop them with anything else. When a Prince is charging, place Fire Spirits toward the middle of the arena so that the Prince will reach them before the 1 second placement time is up. The Prince will use up his charge damage on one and by the time he can attack again, the other two will be awake and will have dealt good damage to the Prince. The Fire Spirits should be placed so that the Prince’s walk back to the tower is not long enough for him to attempt another charge.

Musketeer, Three Musketeers

A Musketeer, as well as three Musketeers, can be damaged by Fire Spirits, however, they are not considered as the ultimate counters because the Musketeers have longer ranged than Spirits, and they can even get rid of them before they get a chance to appear. You should use Fire Spirits to divert them away.

Each of other unit

For the bigger units, such as Giant, Golem, PEKKA and so on, they can escape from the damage of Fire Spirits. You should utilize a certain unit or building to distract the unit from the tower, or you should try to give out damage without ceasing instead of playing with Fire Spirits

Attacking Fire Spirits

Specific Spirits

At some levels in tournament, Fire Spirits are powerful for their survival if they get attacked from a tower. If you put them on a lane alone, even one of them will be able to reach the tower of the rival even if they don’t start doing anything. But you should play with them like that, instead, try to use them in other means so that you may get a better result.

Skeletons and Spirits: Combo like a horde of Zombies

You can follow the similar strategy as mentioned above, but instead, you should position the skeletons first and then you place Spirits at the back of Skeletons.  One difference is that the Skeletons will take the damage and allows three Spirits to attack the tower.

It’s not hard to put an end to a Valkyrie, Arrows or Zap to get +1 Elixir advantage even if this strategy doesn’t cost much.

Spirit Steersman

As you know, Skeletons can give out a good damage protection for the Spirits, but the Knight and Valkyria can do that much better. Nevertheless, this can be effective in a different way as both parts are so equivalent. The main function of the guard of the unit is to soak damage and protect the Spirits and allow them to attack the tower, it can work in an opposite way. If a unit that is position for preventing the mini-tank, the Spirits will surely assault them and rip their HP bar. In addition, thanks to the fast speed, Fire Spirits are able to push the mini-tank and get them to the tower faster than they just walk.

Placing Fire Spirits at the back
Some tanks, like Giant and P.E.K.K.A are under the control of tiny units like Goblins, Barbarians or Minions. Some of them bring Arrows and Fireballs to put an end to them, some cards, such as Minion Horde will be able to deal significant damage prior the arrows get to them. But if you put Fire Spirits at the back of a tank before they pass by the bridge will create a nice combination of Fireball and Arrow which is able to attack in one second instead of waiting for your response and launching. Just put Fire Spirits at the back of the tank then you will be able to get rid of all Goblins, and Minions.

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