Arena Packs: Everything You Need To Know

Arena Packs: Everything You Need To Know

Clash Royale Arena Packs

Arena Packs are one of the most interesting features in-game. They were released a few days ago in a great update from Supercell.

When you unlock a new arena, the pack will be added to the shop. You can receive the better ones later if you are successful in getting the higher arena. The Arena Pack is ready to show up in the store for 2 days. If you do not want to buy it, it will pop up once a week.

Actually, Arena 1 and Arena 2 Pack are not alive.

The Arena Packs contain items that you are allowed to purchase them once. If you have bought the Arena 9 pack, you will never see it again. Each of them will include a fixed amount of Gold, Gems, and Chest. In which, the Chest can be opened quickly. From that, the player will be able to possess cards from their Arena and below. For instance, you still can gather cards from Arena 8 although you are in Arena 9 and own the Arena 7 pack.

There is a 25% chance that you can spot an Arena Pack from the lower-leveled one, in case you do not like the existing pack. It means that you will take over all packs if you hit the highest arena.

Arena Type of Chest Gems Gold Price (USD)
3 Giant Chest 80 1,000 $0.99
4 Magical Chest 80 1,000 $0.99
5 Super Magical Chest 500 1,000 $4.99
6 Magical Chest 500 10,000 $4.99
7 Super Magical Chest 1,200 10,000 $9.99
8 Magical Chest 1,200 100,000 $9.99
9 Super Magical Chest 1,200 10,000 $9.99
10 Legendary Chest 1,200 100,000 $9.99

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