The Perfect LavaLoon Deck For Reaching Arena 8

If you have no idea about how to use the LavaLoon deck wisely, then this ultimate instruction will be a perfect choice for you. The guide will tell you how to use the LavaLoon in a proper way, the advantages and disadvantages when using it, how to use it in an effective way, as well as tips for some cards in the deck.

The Perfect LavaLoon Deck For Reaching Arena 8

Requirements for LavaLoon to be a beatdown deck

At first, you are supposed to learn the archetype of LavaLoon. Without further words, most of the LavaLoon decks will belong to Beatdown archetype. Maybe you need to understand the definition of an archetype. In fact, the archetype is the pattern of your playstyle. Nowadays, there are so many various patterns of archetypes built by the players, and beatdown is one of them. To make LavaLoon a beatdown, it must meet some requirements:

  • A principal push that you can establish gradually. When it becomes completely built, nothing can stop it.
  • Know how to establish Elixir advantage by utilizing collector or protecting with positive Elixir trade.
  • Know how to change from protection to attacking by utilizing alive cards on defense.

Those are the principal conditions for a beatdown deck. The following characteristics will tell you if LavaLoon meets the conditions or not:

  • The push of LavaLoon is like Balloon, Hound, strong spell like Fireball or Lightning as well as support units, including Mega Minion, Miner, Baby Dragon or Minions.
  • Intelligent, strong and cheap protection is what LavaLoon will depend on.
  • After using a Baby Dragon or Mega Minion on defense, you need to be sure that you can still utilize them in a Hound push or mini-push including the alive troop and a balloon.

For those reasons, Hound Loon is such a fundamental beatdown deck.

The advantages and disadvantages when using LavaLoon

Believe it or not, LavaLoon is considered as one of the strongest combos in the game. It’s not difficult to learn how to use it.

Advantages when using LavaLoon

When you are ready to launch your attack, you just have to prepare your Hound and Loon, then send them out. After that, you can preserve Elixir for the spell or support.

It’s kind of tricky for defense, particularly when your hound deck is a principal deck utilizing squishy troops and spells when you need to protect.

Advantages when using LavaLoon

You are supposed to divert the tank The Perfect LavaLoon Deck For Reaching Arena 8 that is approaching your lane by utilizing an inexpensive protective structure, like Tombstone or Cannon. After that, you can draw the tank support away with the Baby Dragon or Mega Minion, then, go slay the support by sending out your squishy units. After the support has been finished off, you can utilize the support killer with the protective structure to destroy the tank.

The Giant Musketeer Executioner can be considered as an instance push. You need to drag Giant along with Tombstone positioned in the center, then draw away Executioner and Musketeer using Baby Dragon, then use Minions to get rid of them. By doing so, you will obtain more than two Elixir trade. There is only a solitary Giant left, and you can kill him by using your remaining Minions as well as the Tombstone Skeletons. Quickly position your Skeleton Army if the enemy uses Zap to destroy everything.

You can obtain elixir trade from:

  • +2 for Executioner/Musketeer
  • +2 for Giant
  • -1 for Skarmy

When the push is done, and if you gain sufficient elixir, you are able to fight off the push using Hound, or you can cause a small push using Balloon. You will finally protect against all kinds of pushes if you keep practicing it over and over again.

Disadvantages when using LavaLoon

Needless to say, LavaLoon decks are not cheap. They mostly have the elixir cost from 3.8 to 4.1. 4.1 is the popular LavaLoon Lightning without Collector. Therefore, it mostly depends on creating positive trades when protecting.

The LavaLoon deck probably isn’t strong against Royal Giant. If you have no powerful protective card like Inferno Tower or Barbarians, it will be a high chance for you to be defeated. You need to oppress the other lane using a fast Balloon push to make them unable to concentrate on the Royal Giant lane. After that, you should wipe out the rivals using your Tombstone Skeletons and Minions. The players will create slow Royal Giant pushes from behind instead of at the bridge because it is being nerfed. You need to get in the hound push to make them use their spells and support. Only their solitary Royal Giant will get down the lane, and you can send out your Skarmy or Minions to protect.

The deploying time of Royal Giant is being screwed up, hence, you have more time to obtain Elixir for fighting off the RG.

Tips to employ LavaLoon properly and effectively

Lava Hound

Lava Hound plays as a tank in this deck. This is a famous card in Clash Royale game because it is able to tank a lot of damage as an air tank or the Lava Pups appearing when it gets destroyed. The enemy will destroy the tower if they have no instant counter to the pups. You are supposed to put him at the back of a tower. He will move at a slow speed, giving you more time to set up Elixir and begin a push.


Balloon is considered as one of the most OP cards in the game. This could be due to its large death damage as well as excellent general damage. This card is extremely strong, and it’s able to get rid of the rival towers if it isn’t attacked fast or if you place it at the back of a tank. Try to put it at the back of the tank mostly, however, you are still able to use it alone when the match has just started. This will help you deal chip damage, also, you will learn the counters that the enemy has and what he would do to your air units.

Mega Minion

Mega Minion is known as a wonderful support for the pushes. He has sufficient HP and is very good at tanking as well as destroying distracting troops, like Minions, Musketeers and so on. Besides that, he can be utilized on defense as a support distractor.


Minions are good ad dealing large chip damage to the towers of the enemies and able to destroy the units of the rival if another unit is trying to tank for them. HP is the biggest disadvantage of these Minions. They can be destroyed very fast. You need to make sure that the enemy won’t have any strong units to fight back your Minions, or their Elixir is being run out. You are also able to tank for the Minions by using a larger unit, like Mega Minion or Hound.


Tombstone has an ability to divert the units away effortlessly. It’s also a powerful card in the deck. You need to put it in the center prior to protecting. Tombstone will drag the tank to the center, which gives you more time to get rid of the support before you destroy the tank. If you place Tombstone well, you are able to destroy strong Barbarians.


Arrows is the splash spell in the deck. You need to utilize these guys accurately and carefully. It can be used to go against Minion Hordes or spell bait. Also, you can utilize it for destroying units that are low on HP.

In opposition to spell bait:

  • Preserve Arrows for the Minion Horde or Goblin Barrel, which protects on the deck.
  • Save Mega Minion or Skeleton Army for Miner
  • Save Tombstone for Hog Rider


The Lightning is mainly used on offense in the deck. Also, you can use it with the large pushes to draw away the protective units of the rival like Wizards, Musketeers, or Executioners.  It can be used to knock out and inflict large damage on the Inferno tower. In addition, Lightning can help you on defense too, especially when you are forced to finish off the tank and support.

Skeleton Army

This is a protective card that can be used right after the enemy has sent out their Log or Zap. Skeleton Army is able to kill largest pushes to get a lot of positive Elixir trade. You should only use it when the spells of your enemy can’t be rotated. Skeleton Army is also very good at ambushing the rival when the game has just started. If you put it after the game started, the enemy will be caught off guard, and he must use a card instantly to fight back your Skeleton Army.

Feasible pushes:

  • Lone Minions: Chip damage: 3 Elixir
  • Lone Minions: Chip damage: 3 Elixir
  • Balloon Minions: Mini Push: 8 Elixir
  • Mega Minion Balloon: Mini Push: 8 Elixir
  • Lava Hound Balloon Lightning Mega Minion/Minions: Ultimate Push: 21 Elixir

You shouldn’t use the main push frequently, excepting when the Elixir of your enemy is low. You can deal chip damage and utilize mini pushes to check out the counters of the rival. After that, you can use the main push in double Elixir time.

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