How To Use Balloon In Clash Royale Game

Balloon is one of the most outstanding cards in Clash Royale game. However, there are still several players who have no idea about how to use it to their advantages, causing them to use it in a wrong way. Now, you can find out lots of tips and instructions on how to use Balloon wisely.

Pros and Cons of Balloon


  • Balloon has an ability to fly, so this card won’t be countered and defeated by Mini P.E.K.K.A, Goblins and other tankers easily.
  • You are unable to pull Balloon to the center like you did to other ones easily. You need to put it at the corner so it can traverse the protective buildings in the middle.
  • Balloon can deal perfect damage through every single hit.
  • Once dying, Balloon will release an explosive bomb to destroy all the supports close by.


Balloon only has medium speed, which is kind of lower than Mini P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider, and others. This will help the enemies prepare their counters easily. However, you can speed it up by putting a Baby Dragon at the back of it in several decks.

Balloon is a tanker, and he can be overmatched by most of other tanks in terms of HP.

Pros and Cons of Balloon

How to use Balloon

In the Balloon deck, you don’t have to prepare any high-level cards to play this deck since Balloon alone himself is the heroic one already. But you can still check out the Cards Breakdown in the deck too.

How to use Balloon

Cards Breakdown

  • Balloon: This card is the main choice in the deck
  • Giant: He is able to absorb damage and defend Balloon while it’s approaching the tower of the enemy.
  • Valkyrie: This is a tanky card with nice splash damage. With her assistance, you are able to cope with many distractions and swarms.
  • Archers: They can deal good damage, and Zap can’t defeat them by just one hit.
  • Minions: They are extremely adaptable, and you can use them in many cases.
  • Arrows: With them, you are able to cope with Minion Horde, Princess, and other swarms.
  • Barbarians: These cards are handy and you can put them in any deck.
  • Elixir Collector: Cannon can be used as an alternative to Elixir Collector. Regardless of having issues with Hog Rider or not, you can consider choosing Bomber. But to sum up, with the assistance of Elixir Collector, you are able to go further with this deck.

Overall plan

The objective of this deck is to help Balloon reach the tower of the enemy, then quickly make it weaker and remove it. You can perform several pushes:

A full push

If you carry out this push accurately, you will be able to demolish a tower. Also, since the push requires a lot of Elixir, you may want to carry out in the double Elixir time.

Put the Giant at the back of your King’s Tower. Since lots of Elixir will be taken, so you may want to get enough Elixir to set it up right before the Giant approaches the bridge.

Place a support unit at the back so that your Giant can be well defended. Also, doing this will help stop the small units of enemies from making him weaker and getting rid of him. You can place Archers or Minions, but if your rival has no air troops, you can choose Valkyrie. Make sure that you always let your Giant traverse the river first, or else the enemy buildings will aim at your support units.

If your Elixir is sufficient, you can put your Balloon at the back of the Giant. The Giant can’t be defeated by the rival units because he has sufficient HP to absorb damage, with the assistance of the units behind giving out damage, your Balloon will be protected all the time.

Prepare your Arrows since the enemy will send out many units simultaneously.

Giant + Balloon

You need to put the Giant on the bridge, with the Balloon at the back, also, you have to prepare your Arrows too. This is considered as a dangerous combo if the rival has no air defensive units. You should start this combo right after putting down your Elixir Collector.

Balloon + Valkyrie

You need to put the Balloon at the back of Valkyrie. The Balloon will elude 1-2 hits but it’s still able to destroy the Tower.

Giant + Archers

This push is low-priced, however, it’s kind of powerful, particularly right after protecting with Archers

Balloon Placement

You need to send your Balloon in the combat first because it will take all damage. Make sure you put him at the back of the Giant, or else he will get defeated easily. The enemies will attempt to knock out the Balloon first since it deals more damage. It’s not easy to catch up the Balloon since the Giant has a bigger footprint, causing the perimeter of Balloon to be fully covered by Giant, also, Balloon is flying above while Giant is moving on the ground.

Straight Counters

Below here are several tactics that the enemy will use in order to prevent your pushes:

Minion Horde

A Balloon can get demolished by the Minion Horde in 3 hits. Make sure you use your combo well, send out your Arrows and obtain the positive Elixir trade.

Playing Building

This mostly won’t be useful if the Giant are unable to be destroyed before the Balloon approach there as the Balloon is totally able to get rid of other buildings by just dealing one hit.


If the Musketeer of your enemy can attack your Balloon, it won’t get to the Tower. Make sure you put down your combo properly.


Once again, the placement of musketeer is important. If the enemy can lock onto the Balloon, it won’t reach the Tower. But if it’s able to lock onto the Giant, his tower is possibly defeated.


Below here are several famous matchups you can use:

Giant Push

Release your Barbarians or Goblins out of the assault scope of the support units of the enemy. After that, you need to put your Valkyrie on the top of the support units. Valkyrie is strong enough to cope with Bomber, Wizard, Spear Goblins, Archers, Witch and so on.

Hut Decks

If the enemy puts the Barbarian Hut down, you need to send out anything you have to the other lane. He surely won’t have sufficient Elixir to fight you back, giving you a high chance to destroy his Tower. After that, you can play on defense.

Double Prince Decks

The Barbarians can be utilized to take damage, after that, you can use Archers or Valkyrie to destroy them.

Hog Rider

Put your Barbarians ahead of your Tower. If it’s played well, it won’t be attacked by the Hog Rider. But if you don’t utilize Elixir Collector, you can choose Cannon.

P.E.K.K.A Push

Drag your P.E.K.K.A to the center, then, you can utilize Valkyrie to cope with the support units at the back of her. Barbarians will be strong enough to destroyer her.

Poison Breakdown

Using Barbarians is a great selection because they are able to bear the Poison’s lifespan.

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