How to get to Arena 7

This is the guide for players about how to get to Arena 7. It is very useful for every gamer to push from 1900 to 2400+ Trophies! Hopefully, you will love this Witch as there aren’t many decent Witch decks now. It’s time to explore the way to reach to Arena 7!

How to get to Arena 7Arena 7 Witch Deck


Before finding some interesting info about how to get to Arena 7, you can start by doing some math on Witch. For example, if you value Skeletons x4 at 1 Elixir, each of them is worth around 0.25 Elixir. This means that for every spawn that the Witch owns, she will costs you 0.75 Elixir less because she spawns 3 at the same time. The existing Witch gets the same damage as an Archer who has a +5 level x1. However, the Witch’s body is worth about as a 3-elixir Archer who engages in a long time while other units can allow you to get the Elixir advantage by trading. The Witch’s function is similar to a hut when she generates Elixir AND to create the Elixir advantage.

Strong against: Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minion Horde, Minions, Spear Gobs, and  Archers.

Weak against: Wizard, Fireball, Lightning, Valkyrie, etc., basically all AoE

You should play Witch behind a Hog Rider or Spear Gobs. This will help you keep her spawning while the Gobs or Hog rider fills.

With how to get to Arena 7, you can see that Cannon in the Deck is used to improve the matchup against Hog Rider Decks. It also lets players act greedier with many elixir collectors. The cannon should be controlled in the center so that it can draw aggro and defend. Aside from that, you can handle it on the river so that you can implement the damage when a combat outbursts on the bridge.

Zap is a Swiss army knife in the Deck. It can damage the Minion Horde considerably. Thus, Witch, Spear Gobs or Tower can one-shot them. It creates a big Elixir advantage and gives the chance for a counter push. Not only that, it can appoint aggro from the own tower to the cannon placed in front of it. This can save a hundred of health for you. With Zap, you are able to make the Wizard feel stunned. Finally, Zap can be utilized to stop the charge ability of Prince or Dark Prince and grant you a few breathing rooms.

To know more how to get to Arena 7, you need to remember that Skeletons are very helpful to cycle through the deck and supplement pushes with Spear Gobs. The early aggressive pressure in this deck is Spear Gobs to Skeletons behind. When you are at 3 Elixir, the enemy will not spend a Zap or many Arrows on stopping the push. It’s possible to prevent it from going. And this will give you about 450-500 damage on the tower for the low cost of 3 Elixir.

In this article of “How to get to Arena 7”, we will not talk about Spear Gobs since they are present on every deck. Also, players have the better knowledge of them. If you want, you can access this address to see more Spear Goblin tech []

Minion Horde can blow up unsupported ground-based forces like P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Barbarians, Bomb Tower and much more. You can avoid playing this until you know clearly the enemy’s entire deck because they can be countered easily by Zap or Arrows.

Hog Rider in this how to get to Arena 7 can split push which supported by Skeletons or Gobs when the opponent carries out a lane, for example, P.E.K.K.A drop, Golem drop, and Mortar drop. This will make the enemy have to answer. Therefore, you can collect their drop in another lane quickly.

Elixir Collector provides the burst of the Elixir that used to cycle through and you can play double Witch when you’d like to push. It is useful to defend against Balloon or Giant Skeleton or Hog Rider in the emergency situation. You’d better play it in the center of your side, supporting the castle to draw aggro from both towers on attackers.


There are many critical tips for how to get to Arena 7. They are:

Mortar Decks: If bomb tower/inferno tower/Tesla drops at random on the bridge, you should commit to the other side with Hog Rider or whatever you have hastily. At this time, their defense is weakened. It’s easy for you to break. Most of Mortar users just commit once they have Mortar. Thus, the only ¼ of their hand is mortar. This gives them less chance to answer your push.

Golem/P.E.K.K.A/Fat Tank: When a tank crosses the river, you should send the Hog Rider, Gobs, and Skeletons and drop Minion Horde on the tank’s top. This force will make the enemy have to withstand with difficulty between your push and their push. They will be hovering Wizard/Bomber. And they can become panic when playing the Wizard on the Hog side and their Giant will end the life to the Minion Horde. About Three Horsemen Deck(Hog/Prince/DP), it’s available for you to check and operate aggro for this matchup. Minion Horde can frustrate three of them easily. However, controlling the Cannon to split the Hog Rider can create the advantage for your life. You can use Witch to pull the Prince or DP across the lane and compel them to move a lot while killing massively Skeletons.

This Deck: you can hold Witch or Zap to break Minion Horde, cause a strong counterpush with Hog Rider tanking and Gobs or Witch bringing up the back. You should hold Skeletons and Cannon to destroy Hog Rider when it arrives.


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