Giant + 3 Musketeers = Easy Arena 8

It’s not very hard to reach Arena 8 with Giant and 3 Musketeers in Clash Royale game, of course, only when you know some tips and learn some good strategies to do so. If you develop your smart tactics in advance, as well as employ them properly throughout the combat, you will find it very easy to reach from over 2500 trophies to 3500 trophies in just a couple of days.

Giant + 3 Musketeers = Easy Arena 8

Advancing to Arena 8 with Giant and 3 Musketeers

Overall Gameplay

Giant + 3 Musketeers = Easy Arena 8

With this deck, you shouldn’t concern about taking damage while you are releasing your large push. You should play the game in a protective way, and make sure none of your Towers will lose. If you play defense, just make sure you won’t utilize Giant, Knight as well as Three Musketeers.

  • Try to play on defense, and attempt to cycle the deck until your Elixir Collector is down. Then, you can release 3 Musketeers, Knight and Giant after taking an Elixir benefit. Normally, you may use Fire Spirits after them, however, it is not significant to do so. You can release the Giant at the back of the Crown Tower initially, then, wait a bit. You should wait if the enemy performs a counter push on the similar lane.
  • Once the Elixir bar reaches 9, you need to put down 3 Musketeers at the middle of your size to make sure that they will be at the back of your Giant. With them, most of the cards that the enemy puts down the lane will be finished off while you still have some time to obtain Elixir. Place 2 Musketeers at the back of your Giant, and one Musketeer on the other lane.
  • After the solitary Musketeer has traversed the river, try to release your Knight ahead of her. If they are left unattended by the enemy, they can totally destroy 1 Tower. Your rival usually spends his Elixir for handling the Giant push. You can release some Fire Spirits on the lane of Knight and Musketeer in order to assist them to handle small units.
  • Get your Zap and Fireball ready all the time in order to assist.

You can totally use the 2-lane combo to destroy both Towers, but if it’s just only one being taken down, it will be easy for you to focus on the other. You may play on defense once again after destroying one Tower as well as spawning 3 Musketeers continuously on the bridge when you get an Elixir benefit, and like always, they are able to handle 1000 damage before the enemy can respond.

You can use the Ice Wizard as an alternative to Zap, then you will possess a dangerous protective tool. He is also very good at offense throughout the double Elixir time.

Use Matchups

  • Inferno Tower and Lightning are arduous counters
  • Fireball, Ice Wizard, Giant Skeleton, and Freeze are difficult counters.

Most of the air Decks can be countered effortlessly by this deck.

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