Clash Royale Golem Rage Deck Can Help You Reach Royal Arena

Are you ready to find out Golem Rage Deck in Clash Royale game? Feel free to find out all info about this one, then be sure to explore more tips using the deck to help you reach Royal Arena. If you know how to use the deck wisely, you can easily advance to more trophies in just a couple of days.

Clash Royale Golem Rage Deck Can Help You Reach Royal Arena

Clash Royale Golem Rage Deck Can Help You Reach Royal Arena

Cards Breakdown


Golem is the most powerful tank in the game. It has up to 8 Elixir cost, hence, you need to ensure that you will use it when possessing at least one Elixir Collector down, or even when you are in double Elixir.

Like usual, you must create a powerful push by beginning with a Golem behind in order to have enough time to regain Elixir and assist your Golem. Most of the time, the backup units at the back of the Golem will deal the most damage.

Almost always, you will build up a strong push by starting a Golem in the back so you have time to regain Elixir and support your Golem. Many times It is the support units behind the Golem that do the most damage, not just the Golem itself.

No replacement for it.


Lightning is a crucial card in the Golem decks. With this card, you are allowed to create large positive Elixir trades as well as destroy Inferno Tower which is the worst opponent of Golem.

It’s very essential to obtain a protective building, a protective unit like Electro Wizard and the Tower when you use Lightning to obtain the perfect value. It can be utilized to destroy Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector as well as clear up towers.

Electro Wizard can be the replacement, but it’s not highly recommended.


The large DPS, the excellent speed, the Rage Effect of Lumberjack do assist a lot if he goes with the Golem. He is very good at fighting against glass cannons and Hog Rider, or even taking some chip damage too.

In the double Elixir time, you can pair the Golem with Mega Minion or Baby Dragon for giving the Rage effect to the Golem and the backup units in order to help them give out tons of damage.

Mini P.K.K.A can be used as the replacement.

Mega Minion

This is the principal anti air protector! He is able to destroy Balloon, glass cannons, and Lava Hound. He can even work as a nice backup unit.

Just only one simple push Golem and Mega Minion is already able to give out sufficient damage to destroy a Tower effortlessly.

Musketeer and Elector Wizard can be the perfect replacements.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon has come back, and he is able to team up with the Golem. It is able to tank and protect air splash, which makes it a crucial element that leads to the victory of this Golem deck.

He is known as one of the excellent backup units in the game for now. You should use it to assist the Golem because of the assault range and slow movement speed.

Wizard or Executioner can be the replacements.


Using the Arrows can help you destroy all swarms and defend the Golem Lumberjack push. The spell is kind of flexible and adaptable. Also, it’s very good at destroying Minions and ground swarms.

Zap, or Log, or Fireball can be nice replacements!

Elixir Collector

Elixir Collector plays a crucial role in the deck. The deck costs up to 4.4, hence, the Collector is kind of essential to create a Golem push prior to the double Elixir time.

No replacement for this.


Skeletons only cost one Elixir, but this card is able to perform a lot of things. It’s able to cycle, destroy class cannons by encircling them, preventing a tank like Giant or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Goblins will be the replacement for this.

Overall Game Play

Casual Elixir Time:

If a Collector is right in your beginning hand, you should wait until you obtain up to 10 Elixir, after that, you can put it down. This shouldn’t be taken lightly because you will need Elixir to create your pushes later.

When you utilize this deck, it’s really fine to absorb some damage. Also, it’s kind of normal when you lose a Tower prior to the double Elixir time because you will destroy the enemy in the very last 1 minute.

Since this is a kind of heavy deck, you will have to absorb some damage in order to get the largest amount of Elixir, then, you can create a big push.

Single Elixir Pushes:

  • Golem + Baby Dragon + Mega Minion (Collector necessary): With this awesome push, you’re able to destroy around half a Tower. Be sure to put a Golem at the back, then, you need to create 10 Elixir, attach the Baby Dragon and Mega Minion to assist it. The Golem will help tank for the troops, which help them give out large damage. You should only create this push if they have no Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon.
  • Golem + Lighting + Baby Dragon/Mega Minion + Arrows (if necessary, and Collector demanded):
  • Perhaps, this is the biggest push you can do during the single Elixir time. You need to begin a Golem at the back, after that, try to create 10 Elixir. Deploy Baby Dragon or Mega Minion as well. Then, you should be prepared to use the Lightning to deal with the building, medium health unit to get a large Elixir trade. With this push, you can even destroy a Tower or give out large damage to it easily.

Double Elixir Time:

The deck can’t be stopped throughout the double Elixir time. When it’s around 1:15, you should put an Elixir Collector down so that you can get tons of Elixir throughout the 2x Elixir time.

Golem + Lumberjack + Baby Dragon + Lightning: This is a great push that takes a Tower all the time because it’s kind of hard to prevent. You should begin a Golem at the back, and create 10 Elixir. Be sure to let the Baby Dragon join. When the Golem gets to the bridge, you should attach the Lumberjack. This will help increase the movement speed of Golem. Also, you should get Lightning ready to create the push and the protection. The Lumberjack and Golem should give out large damage and destroy the Tower.

If you need to destroy the second Tower, and your rival has no Inferno Tower of Dragon, just place a Golem in the center of their side, and the Lumberjack at the bridge. This will make the enemy find very hard and hesitant to determine what he needs to respond to, and he can take large damage.


The protection of this deck is kind of weak. It can absorb some damage, then, demolish the enemy by using two or three pushes that can’t be stopped, which will bring you 1 or two towers.

The win rate for the Hog Log Bait will be 75%

No need to get anxious when playing this deck! Just feel free to allow yourself to take some Hog damage at the early stage of the game. You still have Lumberjack and Mega Minion to fight against the Hog and other its assisting units, together with Skeletons. Eventually, you still can submerge them by using one or two large pushes with Golem. Also, you can send out Baby Dragon and Arrows to fight against the swarms.

The win rate for Lavaloon will be 20%

Lavaloon is known as one of the weaknesses in the deck. You can utilize Mega Minion on the Balloon and Lavahound, together with the Baby Dragon. However, the nicest thing is that you need to use one large push to three crown them then take no notice of the Tower they take. You can also play for the tie!

The win rate for Giant Beatdown is 60%

Most of the time, it is the fact that the larger tank always wins! Opposed to Giant beatdown, you should pair Giant push with the Golem push. With this push, you will surely win because you have a heavier tank and it’s easy for you to take a Tower.

The win rate for Miner Poison is 80%

The deck demolishing Miner Poison as the protection can be broken down and defeated by Lightning, then you’re able to take two towers like always. If you create two or three large pushes, you will get two crown glory easily.

The win rate for Graveyard is 50%

There are two reasonable counters to Graveyard in Lumberjack as well as the Baby Dragon with Skellies. However, you will normally need two towers for the win. This could be because that the Graveyard decks are able to take only one Tower normally.

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