Clashofroyal.com is a good place for all players to explore everything about the famous Clash of Royal game. For all the users of this website, if you aim to stick with us for a long time and want to use the services or other information here, you are highly recommended to take a look at terms of uses established by us. This is a good way for you to understand and learn the rules before researching on any topics here. With these terms, the users will know what to do and what they mustn’t do in order not to break the rules. All terms will focus on some elements displayed on the website, the rights of the users, and so forth. Please take your time reading our terms of use carefully!

Terms of Clashofroyal.com

The owners of Clashofroyal.com set out principal rules and regulations that all users or visitors must follow. You are all suggested to read our rules below before using our website:

  • All users are not allowed to change the content of this website following their own way. All users can only utilize the website generally, so if we found any wrong uses here, that person would have to take their responsibility.
  • There is no guarantee given to the standard of the content, such as completion, accuracy, or appropriateness. Therefore, the users should be in charge of their actions while they are visiting the website.
  • Design, content, layout, graphics, and others will be the elements of this website owned by us. These factors shouldn’t be imitated for whatever reason. If a certain user tries to make replicas of those elements, their action is so wrong and they will be penalized accordance with law.
  • This website, Clashofroyal.com, will consider the logos of the operator.

With all the rules brought up above, the users must follow them very cleverly and always keep them in mind when visiting and using this website. If someone tries to have a wrongdoing here on purpose, like copying the graphics, design, other elements, or changing the content, his/her action will be seen as infringement.

Clashofroyal.com also consists of some related links for the users to explore, especially when they are researching their topics. It’s recommended to click the related links when they pop up so you can gain more information and check out new interesting things that connect to the former topics you looked into. One more thing you should know is that the content of other websites will not be displayed here.

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