Push to Arena 8 with Hog Rider!

Are you up for checking out another deck that can support you to enter Legendary Arena in Clash Royale game? Let’s get started now because there are so many interesting things awaiting you ahead. This deck is very useful and it has about 2800-3200~ trophy range. You can cause more oppressions to mortar decks, take down P.E.K.K.A, Golem decks and blow away the spawner decks. Moreover, you will learn various tips that can help you advance to Arena 8 with Hog Rider.

Push to Arena 8 with Hog Rider!Push to Arena 8 with Hog Rider!

Push to Arena 8 with Hog Rider!

Push to Arena 8 with Hog Rider!


Zap: Zap is surely one of the most amazing Spells in the game. If you put the Zap well, it will support you to alter anything immediately in a fight and divert the enemy or make him lose his attention. Zap is very useful on both brutal attacks and protection. It can be utilized to give out damage and knock some of backline units unconscious for one second. You can utilize Zap to prevent the strike of Prince, or utilize it when Minion Horde vs Minion Horde or defend your Hog Rider with Goblins when they are attacking the enemy Tower. Also, you can utilize Zap to prevent the combo that has Hog and Goblin.

Goblins: Apparently, in Arena 8, lots of players select Goblins more than Skeletons. This is a large punch for 2 Elixir. You can add them in at the back of your Hog Rider and they can be utilized to protect against various pushing combs. They are good at diverting P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Giant Skeleton and so on. Also, they can destroy Musketeer and Wizards well.

Cannon: Cannon is the least expensive protective building in the game. It can be utilized to deal against Hog Rider. Cannon also is very good at tackling with most of all ground units.

Minion Horde: Don’t forget to utilize Minion Horde to defeat Golem, Double Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Balloon, and so on. They are very tiny, quick and they are true DPS guys! The Minion Horde can give out a bunch of damage by the time the Arrows strikes them. The Minion Horde can take down any large ground units in such a perfect timing.

Hog Rider: Surely this can be the preferred card of all players in the game. You can deploy him to give out much damage. Occasionally, you can pair him with Minion Horde when you get an Elixir Advantage, particularly at the starting when the enemy releases his Elixir Collector. If he releases a building in the center of his location to divert your Hog, you just utilize this tactic overcome it.

Fireball: This can be one of the most helpful cards for both attacking and protecting. You should place it well so that it can help you conquer the enemy.

Elixir Collector: This is definitely the best card! It doesn’t have any tough counter at the moment. If you use Collector, you will get 2 free Elixir and compel your enemy to respond. You can use it as a defensive building that has high HP and it can immerse damage as well as defend your units or towers. Mostly, you should put it at the back of Cannon and Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower: All players don’t like P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, and so on, particularly in Arena 7 in which you can encounter with P.E.K.K.A and Golem very much. You need to put it correctly so the enemy won’t be capable of freezing it and your tower.
Push to Arena 8 with Hog Rider!

Double Prince (9 Elixir) – Shutdown By Zap + Minion Horde (7 Elixir)

Common Game Plan

The principle tactic when utilizing the Hog Deck is to use the add in the attack combo, such as Hog + Goblins, Hog + Minion, or Hog + anything. You must send them in as much as possible because this is such a beatdown deck, which completely relies on the current cards you got in your hands

Mostly, your Hog will be attacked and damaged so badly, hence, you are supposed to go behind the cards that your enemy possesses and what has been utilized by him. For instance, if the enemy has no Cannon, he may utilize Barbarians to tackle with your Hog Rider. Try to launch Fireball at the fore of tower for giving out damage to it and his Barbarians. Then, you can utilize Zap so that the Hog can give out a fair amount of damage. There are some players who are very low on getting used to it so they always utilize the same cards in the similar positions to tackle with your combos. You can guess what they will do next and you can gain more advantages to play against them.

Nice Openers:

  1. Hog + Goblins: Be sure that your Fireball or Zap is prepared to go! If the enemy uses the Inferno Collector at the back of his tower, this combo can give out a lot of damage because 5 Elixir is already sufficient to protect. If he uses Barbarians or Minion Horde for protection, you must put Fireball well and it will help you conquer him immediately.
  2. Elixir Collector.
  3. Inferno Tower since it can extend longer than Cannon. You probably don’t want to start the fight with Cannon.
  4. Goblins: To check out how the enemy responds
  5. Minion Horde: Put the horde at the back of your King’s Tower in order to divide them into 2 groups and then select a good track to push.


P.E.K.K.A/Golem/Giant: You can launch your attack to the opposing track using your Hog+Goblins combo. This will compel the enemy to protect and his dangerous snowball won’t be much scary. You probably want to put your Inferno Tower or Cannon down. You should utilize the Minion Horde and Zap to tear through the tankers and the backup units.

Mortar: Sometimes, you may get ties when battling against these matchups excluding when the enemy plays in a wrong way. You can fight back any Mortar Deck using Hog, Fireball, Cannon, Minion Horde, and so forth. The Mortar decks only assault one track so you should prepare your Inferno Tower or Cannon to take it down. Launch the Fireball if he utilizes Barbarians to protect the Mortar to make a good use of it! You need to release your Minion Horde and utilize Zap to knock his Mortar out and Minion Horde and give out extra damage. You can tank Mortar attacks by utilizing Elixir.

Hog Decks: Prepare your Cannon to bait Hog and Zap the backup units like Goblins, Archers, Spear Goblins, Musketeer, and so on. The Minion Horde can be utilized to prevent Hog + Goblins and start a powerful counter push instantly. In fact, it’s not effortless to take down Hog players because you guys may learn how to fight back the pushes of an enemy. If you get more patience, you can conquer this.

Hut Decks: Drop the Hog and Goblin on the opposing track instantly if your enemy releases the Barbarian Hut. You will need to time it properly so you can launch the fireball to it after 2 Barbarians get born. Continue protecting with your Cannon and release the Hog on the opposing lane. Utilizing the Hog Deck can help you take Hut Decks down.

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