How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad

Clash Royale game is a popular multiplayer game that is playable on Android and iOS devices. If you are an iPhone or iPad users, you can totally record your screen on your devices as you are enjoying your game. There are many awesome ways for you to do that, and you can record anything you want. Check them out now!

How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPadHow to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad

How can I Record Screen on iPhone and iPad?

All the Apple users are currently able to play Clash Royale game on their own devices run by iOS. There have been a bunch of players who were wondering about how to record the game on their devices. This topic is very popular and asked a lot. When you go to YouTube for further information, you will surely get a huge list of various gameplays for the game. If you want to find out how to record those gameplays, you can follow some instructions below. There will be two sections, including Non-Jailbroken devices and Jailbroken devices. There is a recording feature on Apple devices called Replay Kit, and it’s installed on the latest iOS 9, but this feature doesn’t work well in most of iPhone games.

Non-Jailbroken Devices

If you have already watched several gameplay videos on the Internet, you would probably have learned about Shou.TV which is known as a big community for all gamers using Android and iOS. This is the place where they shared a lot of their own gameplays. You can go to that site to enjoy the gameplays of others, watch them playing, or even share your experiences with them. With an application named AirShout, this is such a good way to allow all gamers to record their own screen while they are in the game. You can start using this perfect app for recording your gameplay in Clash Royale game.

How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad

Installing the recording app mentioned above on your iOS devices is not hard at all. Just go to iEmulator site on your device, then find and select AirShou icon. Touch Install and then Install once again for the confirmation. You should be patient for a bit when waiting for the downloading to be done. After that, you can start using your app.

How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad

Note: You need to be sure that you already have a Shou.TV account, if not yet, just get one for yourself. Doing so will allow you to share it on the site, but this is up to you. Otherwise, it can be saved to your Camera Roll and then you will be able to upload it to anywhere you want.

How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad

Jailbroken Devices

Having a jailbroken device or not is not a huge deal because AirShou would be operable no matter what. Nevertheless, you can consider about Display Recorder by Ryan Petrich which is known as a good selection for you if you want something that is much bloated, along with various characteristic features.

You should remember that this modification is not free at all. You are required to pay $3.99. The reason that it costs is because Display Recorder allows you to start using the recording feature inside any device. Alternatively stated, you are totally able to begin your record while you are right inside the game or you are fighting against an enemy. While the AirShou forces you to open the recording app, and then select Record.
How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad

You can check out more amazing features, including high-quality recording, hardware that you can use to speed up video encoding, integrated YouTube uploading and so on. If you are so interested in this, you can start installing Display Recorder instantly.

There will be more choices for Android users because Android devices have a variety of ways using recording app, especially on Play Store, Play Games, Screen Recorder for KitKat, and Shou.


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