Can’t Sign In with Google Play In Clash Royale

There are so many players who are facing an inevitable problem in Clash Royale game. Due to the latest Google Services update, most of the players are unable to sign in with Google Play for loading their account in the game. No need to worry about that problem, you can find out how to repair that issue with this tutorial below!

Can’t Sign In with Google Play In Clash Royale

Troubleshooting the problem of being unable to sign in with Google Play

When you usually encounter with this issue:

  • Be unable to sign In with Google ID.
  • Be unable to load Clash Royale accounts.
  • Load the inaccurate account.

There are some of the methods for you to follow. Although there have been a bunch of ways sent by the players, just only some of them could repair this issue perfectly. You can check out all of them, but if one is useless to you, you can try another one. Hopefully, one of them will bring you a better result!

Firstly, you must check out some of the things below:

  • If you come from China, you need to switch the DNS of your Internet to and
  • If you are not utilizing the latest Google Services version, you must begin to update them immediately through Google Play
  • Clear up your Cache of the Google Services. To do that, you need to move to Settings, choose Application Manager, then select Google Play Services, and tap Clear Cache
  • Make an effort to get rid of all the present Google accounts, after that, you can add them once again. This way will help you fix the issue.
  • Move to Google Settings Application, select Connected Apps, and choose Disconnect Clash Royale
  • In your game, you should tap twice on the red Disconnected button.

If the method above can’t work perfectly for you, you can check out another one:

  • Go to Google Settings App, select Play Games, and remove the Play Games profile
  • Open your game
  • In the Game Settings menu section, you must make sure that you can connect with your Google ID once again

Here is the final method for you to try:

  • Move to Google Play Store on your touchscreen device
  • Go to My Apps & Games Menu, and select the tab “All”
  • Start enabling “Google Play Games”

There you go! These are very helpful methods that you can follow to sign the game with your Google Play Account. Hope you can do those steps well, and your issue will be resolved!

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