Download Clash Royale for Android

Clash Royale is an awesome real-time multiplayer card game from Supercell. It’s possible to download Clash Royale Android! The game includes all Clash troops such as Barbarian, Archer, Witch, Minion, Giant, etc. along with new characters like Musketeer, Prince, Baby Dragon, and others. In the battlefield, you can gather many cards. Besides, you can upgrade them after that. In the game, there are three types of cards. They are Spell, Building, and Troop. However, you can receive other surprises when you defeat the opponent’s Towers and their King’s Tower. Then, you can win the Trophies and Crowns. Aside from that, the clan system can allow you to chat with other players, share cards, request cards, replay or discuss and others. In this post, we will introduce to you the download Clash Royale on Android.

Download Clash Royale for Android

Clash Royale Android and iOS Gameplay Features

These are some features of Clash Royale Android and iOS gameplay.

  • You can collect Chests and open them for Rewards like Gold, Cards and much more.
  • You can earn Crowns by beating the foe’s Tower. And you can use the Crowns to unlock the Crown Chests for dozens of powerful cards.
  • Also, easily gather and upgrade the own current cards by searching for a good Clan.
  • With eight cards, you can design your Card Battle Deck and destroy the enemy you want strategically.
  • You can invite your friends and clanmates to take part in a private battle. There, you can challenge them and show up your ability.
  • Finally, there are a lot of strategies by watching top players on TV Royale.

Some Screenshots of download Clash Royale Android

Download Clash Royale Android

Supercell announced that this game will be published on both Android and iOS globally. Surely, Clash Royale Android can become one of the best games ever. Remember to catch up the latest updates! And now, you can download Clash Royale Android for free. It was released on Feb 16, 2016, by Supercell. It is present in these countries: Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and New Zealand. You can access this page if you are from one of them. Click here

If you don’t come from these countries, you can still download and enjoy your game by clicking on the following link.

Dowload Now

It’s about everything about download Clash Royale Android! Why don’t you download and play Clash Royale game? Hope you have much fun!

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