Clash Royale Isn’t Compatible with your Android Device?

Clash Royale game is a thrilling and famous Android game and it attracts a lot of players all over the world. Playing this game is always fun and awesome, however, the players sometimes have to face several problems relating to the interaction between the game and their devices. If somehow you are facing an issue like this “This Application is not compatible with your device”, then you no need to worry about that. Just to let you know, the main reason is due to the new Google Play Services launched several weeks ago. Now, you can solve this issue with many useful instructions below:

Clash Royale Isn’t Compatible with your Android Device?
When you device is not adaptable with the latest version of the game, you need to be sure that:

  • Your Google Play version is the latest one on your device
  • You have already updated your Google Play Service
  • No custom ROM is running on your device
  • Your Android version is 4 or above 4

When you are done updating your Google Play and Google Play services, you will have to start your device again. To restart it, you just hold the Power button for a bit and select Restart. If you don’t have the Restart button, you must toggle your device. Just simply turn it off for around 10 seconds and then start to turn it on back. In case you are unable to download Clash Royale game on your device, you must try to get the APK version of the game, and begin to install it.

If you don’t want your game to be installed outside of Google Play, you must touch your Settings icon, go to Application Manager, start removing the caches of Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

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