Clash Royale APK for BlackBerry 10

If you are a BlackBerry 10 user, you want to play and join Clash Royale game but you have no idea about how to download Clash Royale APK File on your mobile device, then here are some tips and instructions for you. In fact, this issue has been discussed by a lot of players. As far as you know, most of Android applications can be moved to BlackBerry, and Clash Royale app is not an exceptional case. The disadvantage here is that you are unable to save all your game progresses, also, you can’t even use your Google ID to load the game. But, you shouldn’t worry about that much, let’s check out several instructions below now!

Clash Royale APK for BlackBerry 10

Getting Clash Royale game for BlackBerry 10


Here are crucial files that you must check out, download and install them on your BlackBerry mobile device.

  • Google Account Manager
  • Blackberry Google ID
  • Google Play Store for BlackBerry
  • Google Play Services
  • Google+ Whitelist
  • Google Play Games

Note: This instruction below is only applied for BlackBerry and Android devices. For those who are iOS users, if they want to transfer their accounts from iOS to BlackBerry, they must get through Android. Clash Royale game can be installed on PC if you have no device run by Android, and then you can follow the guide.

Clash Royale game from Android to BlackBerry 10

  1. First of all, you need to start downloading and installing Google Account Manager. Once your install is over, just wait, and do not open it.
  2. BlackBerry Google ID is the next one that you must download and install. When you’re done downloading, open that app and start checking out the introductions. Then, use your Google ID to log in.
  3. Google Play Services will be downloaded and installed next.
  4. Start installing Google Play Games and Clash Royale APK file.
  5. The final step is that you can open your game, open Settings menu in your game, and use your Google account for signing in.

Connect your present process on BlackBerry device with your Google ID

It’s not hard to link the game on your BlackBerry device to the Google ID. You can check out several following steps below now: Note that you can only link one game process to Google once.

  1. Your device must be connected to PC or Mac, on your PC or Mac, you need to open BlackBerry link. After that, you can support your game.
  2. Return to the steps mentioned above, and then start following them for installing your game.
  3. Reinstate your backup file
  1. BlackBerry doesn’t have Google Services, so the purpose of using this way is to get rid of the reliance of software on the Google Services. You won’t be able to update your game through BlackBerry apps or Snap if the new update of the game is released. If you want to update it more, you need to get the latest modded APK file.
  2. You can utilize Lucky Patcher and modding the primary Clash Royale APK file in order to get rid of the reliance of software easily.

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