Why Bowler is a Great Card?

About Bowler

The Bowler in Clash Royale game possesses the high hitpoints and has a moderate damage. Aside from that, the Bowler owns the attack which is similar to the Log and the Fireball. He is able to throw many massive boulders which can roll linearly to cause serious wounds and knock back the target or any unit in the track. Also, you can stop him until its range has been finished. You need to cost 5 Elixir to deploy a Bowler card.

If it is the first time that you face up to loads of Bowler decks in the game, you can get some troubles. Indeed, there are a lot of players do not master how to use the troop in the proper way. So, we will mention to a few basic small tips to have a nice deck for the Bowler in the short time. Remember to enter the tournaments where you can test him some days later!

Why Bowler is a Great Card?

Why should you use Bowler?

We want to say that the Bowler is a beast on defense.

In Clash Royale download game, he is pretty strong and dangerous when he can ruin every type of the ground push although they are big.
While defending against the Giant decks, he also can manage to damage the foe and supports behind. With the impressive amount of HP, the Bowler can soak the heavy injury for your troops moving back.

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It’s very easy for the Bowler to kill a Hog Rider before it attacks the Tower! It’s even an Elixir advantage in case the antagonist gives assistance to his Hog with Fire Spirits, Ice Spirits or Goblins. After that, you can go for the counter push. He can draw a close a powerful push and grant a great Elixir benefit.

He will counter Spawner Decks entirely or remove swarms speedily.

On offense

The Bowler is ready to serve the same role of the cute Sparky. In some cases of Clash Royale online, he is better than Sparky at helping tankers and weak units because he has a finer rate of fire, the pushback effect and the long straight path of rocks. Obviously, he is much weaker than the Sparky at building towers. But, note that how useful he is on attacking. Additionally, the rocks he has can target the rival’s tower from the bridge.

Basically, you are allowed to utilize him instead of Sparky, particularly Royal Giant Sparky deck since he will provide to it a more defensive power.

Here is the list of the deck that you can apply to Tournaments.

Why Bowler is a Great Card?

To get more guides, watch the video below:

In short:

  • If you fight against Hut Decks or Trifecta Decks in Clash Royale PC, give the Bowler a chance.
  • If you’d like to run a Royal Giant Sparky, try him.

If you intend to check something new, take control of him now.
Good luck!

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