Ultimate Guide to Tombstone

About Tombstone

“Troop building that periodically deploys Skeletons to fight the enemy. When destroyed, spawns 4 Skeletons. Creepy!”

Tombstone in Clash Royale game is considered as the most popular defensive building in high Arenas because it is able to cope with the tricky Furnace Decks, Giant, Hog Rider, Lightning and other threats. It is unlocked from the Bone Pit at Arena 2. It can spawn a Skeleton every 2.9 seconds. The Tombstone card will cost 3 Elixir to be deployed.

Ultimate Guide to Tombstone

Ultimate Guide to Tombstone

General Play

Do not place the Tombstone behind a Tower if it is not being used to deal with spawners! So, it should be located in the middle of the battlefield to draw troops into double tower fire.


The Tombstone card is excellent when killing non-AoE attackers.

  • For Hog, it is an exciting counter to Hog Riders. A solitary Hog Rider can be destroyed by the Tombstone in a wink. If you encounter the Hog dropped, put down the fighter in towards the center of the playground leading the Hog to both attacking ranges of the Towers. It will take 2 hits to eliminate. When it is broken, 4 more Skeletons will appear and proceed to defeat the Hog. The time will be saved and it is nice against Hog Freeze. If the Freeze Spell 9is launched before the Tombstone is split, the Skeletons spawning after are not influenced by it and if utilized after, it will provide to you the time to set Gobs or anything to solve the Hog.
  • For Sparky, the Tombstone is very well at battling against Sparky. The foe has to charge up pretty long for the new onslaught. A fresh Skeleton can bait her shot again. Clear the target and you will get the Positive Elixir Trade.
  • For Prince/ Dark Prince, you can completely put an end to these guys. The slow and steady flow of Skeletons will block them from charging. The Prince will be revealed to dual tower fired and he will be controlled by Skeletons. A Tombstone that is positioned appropriately will help you remove the enemy at once.
  • For P.E.K.K.A/ or Mini P.E.K.K.A, the Tombstone can cause the death of P.E.K.K.A and Mini P.E.K.K.A. P.E.K.K.A is stronger. And you will get some troubles when pulling her into double tower range. It can create a huge punch. But, her attacking speed is fairly slow, giving Skeletons a few certain advantages to knock down it. A single Tombstone can take him away in an instant if there is not any support behind the P.E.K.K.A.
  • For Giant Skeleton, try to draw him away from your towers.
  • For Golem/ Giant, your card is suitable to beat them. It will bring the adversary to the central map in which two towers will have the occasion to make them move slower, disappear or distract Mega Minion.
  • For Barbarians – After being forced to head to the nucleus, it will not be the noticeable problem. Usually, the Barbarians will never approach your fort. It’s interesting if established against Barbarian spawners.
  • For Balloon, it’s not expensive to direct the Balloon away from the tower and come into dual tower range. While dragging the prey, Skeletons from the Tombstone will assist you to disturb the support units nearby, for example, Mega Minions, Baby Dragon or Minions.
  • For Gobs/ Spear Gobs/ Skeletons, Skeleton Army (included spawners), these baddies are squishy. It’s not a good Elixir trade if the spawner dies.
  • For Witch, it is strong although it is not applied often in-game. The Witch card will not let Skeletons stack up while distracting her shots.
  • For Fire Spirits/ Ice Spirit/ Furnace, the Tombstone will be the best counter to these. If they start a Furnace to chip away the weakened Tower, you’d better think of settling the Tombstone as soon as possible.
  • For Musketeer, the Tombstone is recommended to stand right on top of the Musketeer before she damages your Tower.
  • For Inferno Dragon, it is a poor card.
  • For Tank and Lightning, in most of the time, the antagonist will have enough Elixir to arrange the Lightning when the Tank is dragged to the middle.
  • For Royal Giant, lay the Tombstone on the top of the Royal Giant to compel him re-target it.


  • Most everything that flies, it is quite obvious to decrease the speed or make a flying unit lose their concentration. It will not bring about any damage. Thus, it is not utterly a counter.
  • Almost anything that is AoE, it will consist of any projectile like Zap, Arrows, or Fireball. In another case, it stores Wiz, Valk, and Bomber.
  • Any other card missed was either because of redundancy (Knight) or due to its kind of hit or ignore if it is an actual counter.
  • Finally, just hold the Tombstone.
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