Important Card Level Breakpoints That Give You Easy Trophies!

Important Card Level Breakpoints That Give You Easy Trophies

Important Card Level Breakpoints

Supercell plays an essential role for the cool Clash Royale game. It can create a lot of great match-ups between some special cards, which will be the result of battles. We will talk about Zap, the character that cannot always one hit Goblins. Aside from that, you can learn some information about other cards.

By taking the advantage of that, it’s possible for you to deal with other opponents having the high-level cards in an easy way. Besides, do not forget to care about upgrading a few important cards for the edge so as to obtain tons of benefits during the match. In case your rival Zap is not able to defeat your Goblins while you are deploying with the Hog Rider, they can even beat the Tower alone.

  • Zap will one hit Minions if it is 2 levels higher.
  • Zap will one hit Goblins if they have the same level.
  • Fireball can one hit Wizard and Musketeer if they are at the higher level.
  • Minions will soak three hits from the Arena Towers once they reach the likable level as the Towers.
  • Goblins can do the same if they are 1 level higher.
  • Meanwhile, Arrows are cards that can one hit Minions even when the foe is 2 levels higher.
  • Aside from that, Arrows can one hit Princess if they are 7 level higher.
  • Cannon will take 5 shots from the Royal Giant if they are equally strong.
  • The Bomber will make 2 shots to attack Barbarians although the enemy is located at the higher grade.
  • Rocket can one hit Elixir Collectors even when Collectors are2 levels higher.

The list will not stop there to bring to you more updates.

You can research that and memorize rules to make your cards in decks better. From that change, you can rule the whole battle, especially if you are standing at low Arenas when there are plenty of match-ups like Level vs. Level 4. Each of the single small interactions like that can affect the ultimate outcome of the total competition. Try to pay attention to them!

You can refer the priorities below, including Goblins, Zap, and Fireball. They are selected because

  • A Level 6 Fireball can launch his fist through the most Arena 6 players as almost they only have level Rares. Additionally, Fireball will cause the heavy damage to the high-level Barbarians.
  • Zap cannot kill the high-level Goblins when the adversary teams up with Hog Rider to possess a deadly combo.
  • Zap is a necessary card to counter Goblins. Attempt to raise his standard to level 8 quickly.

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