How to Join Clash Royale Tournaments Fast With 100% Success

There are plenty of players who are facing some troubles when taking part in the Tournament in the Clash Royale game. Don’t worry! We will introduce to you the fastest solution so that you can engage the challenge set in-game successfully. Indeed, it will just take you a short time to finish.

How to Join Clash Royale Tournaments Fast With 100% Success

Participate in the Tournaments within only one minute.

After the big update in September for Clash Royale online game, the public Tournaments can not be seen if you do not recognize their names or they are not made by Clanmates.

Some people will feel bored because there is not any action to implement friendly battles in your Team and your chest slots are filled. A working spam-search method is available here in order to provide another Custom Tournament system in the Clash Royale download game for the player. It is running very well, particularly for the small-scale series of contests.

First of all, you should never look for two words, one unique and one normal. What you will search for will be Tournaments named “The”. You need to utilize one unique word.

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Secondly, have a look at the letters that you will look up. There are two options: You are able to seek either the complete word like rocket, dog, cat, etc. or 2 letters, for example, wo, in, on, ae, …

Additionally, you can use numbers, 111, 222, 333, or 444 and others.

If you are really excited about hunting Tournaments, you can try to download and apply the Hindi/Arabic/Greek keyboard on the phone. Also, the opportunity of opening up the Tournament will increase due to many players are using them.

Finally, you can take a look at symbols like “@”, “$” etc.

The list of Streamers who are doing Tournaments every week

  • There are 1000 players who took part in the tournament of the Clash Royale download game every Tuesday around 3 PM PST. Who to follow? BBXH on Twitch!
  • And there are 1000 player tourneys existed throughout the week: Gendrago Gaming

Note that he is very annoyed! You will be banned if you ask for the password in chat. He will take his time to give you the right password and make you wait for him on the stream about 30 minutes. In two halves, he will supply it out, part of it in his own social media, and the second half he will reveal at random in stream after 30 minutes or 45 minutes. You have to watch him the whole time.

  • Trick N Treat: Around 11-2 PM PST, the streamer will figure out passcodes very freely and does a ton of 200 player tourneys in Clash Royale online game. On Tuesday, she will contain a set of 3 200 player tourneys. She is an extremely reliable daily and friendly streamer.
  • Sef Pai: He is a good YouTube streamer for the people who have different time zones. He includes slightly smaller tourneys and less consistent.
  • Slim Gaming: It is an inconsistent streamer similar to Sef Pai. Nevertheless, it still completes tourneys at present and later.

Hope you enjoyed!

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