How to Get Easier Opponents in Clash Royale Challenge Mode

How to Get Easier Opponents in Clash Royale Challenge Mode

How to beat the opponent in an easier way in the Challenge Mode

Here is a simple and short trick that you should not ignore if you are looking for the way to put an end to the rival in Clash Royale game as well as conquer the Challenge mode with the best result.

Basically, the opponent will become stronger once you level up. Thus, it’s not easy to get 12 wins in a row effortlessly unless you excellent.

Dropping trophies will not help you as much as you think. Additionally, the difficulty still keeps increasing. However, doing that for games in the mode we mention will bring to you many advantages.

Before you take part in the Grand Challenge of Clash Royale download game, you’d better look for a number of games that you are net game positive. For instance, if you have 2 runs, 5-3 each, you will have a net game positive of 4. Just lose that amount along with the amount of handicap that you want to own.

You will only search for about 5 loss handicap most of the time. When you possess that, you can embark on the Grand Challenge so as to maximize rewards. You will encounter players that you can defeat comfortably. Much weaker ones will appear at the cost of 30 Gems.


  • Be the loser in 6 matches in the Classic Challenge to show the matchmaking how bad you are
  • Have fun with the 12-2 Grand Challenge and compete with feeble ones
  • Fail 15 battles in the Classic Challenge to receive the net game negative of -5
  • And check out the other easy Grand Challenge

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