How to counter Splash Damaging Units

Clash Royale game is getting more popular all over the world at the moment. All the gamers can enjoy and play it on their mobile devices that are run by iOS and Android. The game features many units and various cards for all players to experience. Each of card has their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are ready for a fierce battle against the enemy, you should start checking out the strength and weaknesses of your units and cards. Among them, Splash Damaging cards can give out big forces and they are kind of powerful, good at crushing the opponent towers with an utter amount. The amount of damage that they deal is extremely large. They can be utilized to stop the progress of enemy or demolish the units that have low HP instantly.  If you want to know how to counter Splash Damaging units, then check out several tips below:

Ways to fight back Splash Damaging troops

There are two benefits when circling a unit:

  • It makes the splash troops of opponent ineffective and unsuccessful
  • The walking distance of your troops will be removed.

You can utilize 3 units for circling: Barbarians, Skeletons, and Goblins. These units have their own powers:

  • In the bigger and more slashing combat, Barbarians are very strong and adaptable. Their HP can be kept when circling, which you can prepare for a powerful counter-assault. If you don’t succeed in circling the Wizard by using your Barbarians, they will have to get more and more damage than required.
  • Besides Barbarians, you can utilize Skeletons to counter the splash damaging units. Skeletons only take 1 Elixir cost, and they are extremely good at diverting one Wizard or a Witch. The most interesting part is that the Wizard or the Witch is only able to aim at one Skeleton at the same time if you utilize your Skeletons to circle him or her.
  • Goblins can be good cards that you can use to deal with splash damaging units. They only take 2 Elixir cost and they can give out a bunch of damage.

It’s kind of hard and ineffective to circle Dark Prince and Bomber by using your Skeletons or Goblins. However, using them is still a good way to circle your target.

Maybe you don’t want to circle P.E.K.K.A OR Giant Skeleton because they have a lot of HP. You can try to pull them, which is more successful.

You can watch a video below for further info about how to fight back Splash Damaging units:

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