Elixir Collector Vs. Spells

Since the July update for the Clash Royale game, the Elixir Collector generating speed can be influenced by Spells. So, you can explore much more about how exactly spells will affect the Elixir Collector right now.

Elixir Collector Vs. Spells

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Elixir Collector and Spells Interaction

The Tournament Card Levels in the Clash Royale download game will be used as the benchmarks (Common Level 9, Rare Level 7 and Epic Level 4).

  • The Zap Spell at two relative levels that lower than the Elixir Collector will withdraw 2 of 7 Elixir from the Collector. Before the release was launched, it only worked once the Elixir Collector was at 1 relative level above the Zap Spell. For instance, Level 9 Zap vs. Level 7 Elixir Collector.
  • Meanwhile, the Poison Spell, which is at the same relative level as the Collector, can use 4 Elixir. It is same before the update. For example, Level 4 Poison vs. Level 7 Elixir Collector.
  • The Poison Spell in the Clash Royale game, that has 1 relative level higher than the Elixir Collector, can negate 5 out of 7 Elixir from the Pump. For example, Level 5 Poison vs. Level 7 Elixir Collector.
  • Besides, the Freeze Spell will eternally invalidate 1 out of 7 Elixir from the Collector.
  • Finally, the Rage will not provide any extra Elixir for the Collector.


Elixir Collector Vs. Spells

Elixir Collector Level 7

  • HP: 2020
  • The decay speed: 14.57 HP/s
  • The creating speed: 9.8s/Elixir

Level 7 Zap

  • HP cutback: 140
  • Removed the effective amount of seconds: 9.6s
  • The shock time: 1 second
  • The total effective amount of seconds has been ejected: 10.6 seconds
  • The second which is left in the Collector: 69.4 seconds
  • And the Elixir remaining in the Collector: 6

Aside from that, the Level 9 Zap Spell can still eliminate 2 Elixir from the Collector.

Poison Spell Level 4

  • HP drop: 550
  • The successful second deleted through damage: 43.2s
  • The number of seconds left on Elixir Collector: 36.8
  • The rest Elixir in the Elixir Collector: 3

Freeze Spell Level 4

  • The Freeze will not continue for 4.9 seconds on the Elixir Collector.
  • And the subsisting seconds that you can find in the Elixir Collector: 75.1s = 7 Elixir.

Remember that all of the levels of the Freeze Spells in Clash Royale game refuse just 1 Elixir from the Collector.

Rage Spell Level 4

  • The period: 9.5s
  • The speed is risen up: 40%
  • The potent extra seconds collected by the Elixir Collector: 3.8s
  • The influential full seconds in the Elixir Collector: 83.8s
  • The Elixir in the Collector: 8

Note that every level of the Rage Spells cannot supply a single Elixir Collector any extra Elixir.

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