Dark Prince or Valkyrie?

Dark Prince or Valkyrie

“Will you choose Dark Prince or Valkyrie?” It is a difficult question for the most of the players in Clash Royale game. During the journey, you will have the great chance to face up to plenty of wonderful decks. In which, it could be better if you choose to deploy Valkyrie instead of using Dark Prince. It is the reason why we will bring to you a detailed comparison related to both of them at Tournament level.

Dark Prince vs. Valkyrie

At Tournament Level (Valkyrie level 7 and Dark Prince Level 4)

Card Rarity HP Shield Damage/ hit DPS
Valkyrie Rare 1548 No 211 140
Dark Prince Epic 931 266 HP 179 119

Both of these cards have the medium movement speed and 1.5s attack speed. They explain the main cause that players get trouble when they decide to pick the best one.

In the Clash Royale download game, Valkyrie will own the 360 degrees splash damage, approximately 18% more DPS and 30% more HP. So, you can realize that she is more effective, right? Indeed, she can be preferable. However, the Dark Prince is also able to provide to you many unique advantages that he has, for example, the shield and the charge ability are items that can turn the pace while he is moving and make it fast as well as multiply the damage by two.

Aside from that, Valkyrie and Dark Prince can take three hits from the P.E.K.K.A and Mini P.E.K.K.A and 2 hits from the Sparky. But, the shield will be ready to allow you to cope with the heavy attack while solving the Inferno Tower. Once that object breaks, the Inferno will set again its high DPS.

A single Valkyrie is capable of dealing 1266 damage to the Level 9 Crown Tower which is not defended whilst the Level 4 Dark Prince can beat 1254 damage. In addition to that, the Valkyrie possesses a special splash damage that you can apply in order to support her action with defensive troops in a more successful way.

In most cases, the Valkyrie will stay alive much longer with a finer damage and. She is more excellent at finding the solution for swarms. When reaching level 6, the Valkyrie can do 1 hit for Level 10 Goblins while the Level 3 Dark Prince cannot conquer Level 9 Goblins. Together with the exceptional skill, she can eliminate all of the distractions without difficulty and keep safe the pushing units nearby. Obviously, she can do that quicker and easier than the Dark Prince.

In the very famous deck called Trifecta, the Valkyrie is suitable to the splashing tank role superbly. The speed that she has does not matter a lot because the Hog Rider can push her swiftly. Meanwhile, the Prince Decks are not really exerted. At the moment, Trifecta, Miner Decks, and Giant Decks are much more well-liked.

Basically, the Dark Prince is the better choice in the Prince Decks in which he can cooperate with the movement speed of the Prince. Nevertheless, in those decks, the Valkyrie is appropriate. Therefore, the Valkyrie fits all in all.

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