Best Ways to Counter Giant + Mega Minion Combo

How to Counter Giant + Mega Minion Combo

The guide by usc1313 will give you the proper way to beat the Giant + Mega Minion Combo in the Clash Royale game. It will go with videos on examples.

Mega Minion is considered as the major card in the Meta. It can be used in many different types of decks. It is able to defend or attack. So, it is the popular choice in Giant Poison, Miner Inferno, and Lava Hound Miner decks. The combination of the Mega Minion behind a tank will create a powerful push when it is coupled with the Giant. Along with the lack of Air Defense in several decks, its simple push will destroy the target quickly.

Separate the Giant and the Mega Minion!

Because the Giant has a larger hitbox than the item of the Mega Minion, your troops can target more. It causes the combination harder to solve. Thus, your objective should be unconnected both by pulling the Giant or pulling the Mega Minion. When you have done, you can cope with them singly.  You can concentrate on devastating the Mega Minion first. Try to draw it away from the Giant! Buildings, The Log, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, and Spear Goblins are very good cards for that case.


Cannon Pull

It is a defensive building which splits up the Giant from his ally. That is crucial to place the cannon in the opposite direction so as to pull the Giant. It compels the giant to move the greatest distance. The following video will give more details of the exact placement. The Inferno Tower is also another special structure which replaces the Cannon. Note that there is one building that will experience a difficult time to break up them successfully is the Tesla Tower. But, it will work if you place it in the middle of the map.

Hog Rider Distraction

Distract the Mega Minion with a Hog Rider and launch the ice Spirit or Skeletons to prevent them from giving full attention while other units eliminate the Giant. Pulling off is not easy. You’d better take some practice. It is not a bad method to get some damage on a tower located on the same lame that the foe is focusing on attacking.

Ice Spirit Pull

It is one of the most uncomplicated tips to deal with the combo. You can add it to your favorite list. Actually, the Ice Spirit can drag the Mega Minion far enough away from their friend to set the Musketeer and target the Mega Minion. Archers and Spear Goblins are also useful. If you take a Mini PEKKA placed early enough, you can keep the Tower safe from the assault of the Giant and kill him.

Ice Spirit + Spear Goblins

It is the defense that looks like the one above except the push. You can pay for less to protect by conceding the Mini PEKKA to take aggressive action against the Mega Minion. You know Spear Goblins are weaker to Poison and vulnerable to Zap. Thus, they are not dependable. It is a cheap strategy to block a big push. Remember that any high DPS unit can finish off the Giant!

Barbarians + Ice Spirit

It is a defensive amalgamation that battles against the Giant + Mega Minion combo. It just costs 6 Elixir. Barbarians can resolve the combo when they are connected to an Ice Spirit. They will distract, melt the Giant and hold up the other.

Mega Minion + Ice Spirit

The Mega Minion is a strong card in the Clash Royale game. It is the most successful defense because it can grant a great chance for a counterattack by putting down a force at the bridge after defending. The key is to set the Ice Spirit far away so that the Mega Minion will not strike it.

Giant Pull

If you are playing a Giant deck, you can sacrifice some tower damage to attack in response the other lane. When a Mini P.E.K.K.A. is activated instead of Goblins, it will decrease the tower damage and come up with a dangerous option for dual lane pressure.

It is not the single way but the most appropriate solution to counter the push. As long as you pull apart two cards and you can defend fruitfully. Attempt to cautiously drop defending troops or the poison of the opponent will murder them!

Bonus Lava Hound Example

Lava Hound Decks are the second type which reaps benefits from the addition of the Mega Minion. It applies Skeletons in the center at the perfect time. From that, the Mega Minion will be tugged across to the other side. Next, you can take away the Lava Hound and defeat the Mega Minion. It’s important to deploy Skeletons as late as possible so the Mega Minion can chase two Skeletons after killing the earliest one.

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