About Crossfire

Crossfire unblocked is an RPG first-person shooter game. Now, you can play the game as a web-platform game although it was already released for years. The game is all about helping your faction defeat the opponent faction. There are two factions featured in Crossfire free online, including the Global Risk and the Black List. These factions have big ambitions! They want to rule the arena! But, there can be only one faction that gets that goal! You must work with your teammates in the faction to defeat all rivals from the enemy faction using strong weapons, smart tactics, nice strategies, and good reflexes. As your team picks up kills, you can get closer to victory. Remember your shooting and fighting skills will determine if your team wins or loses. Try your best to upgrade as well as use your excellent skills for the win! Come play Crossfire game for free now! Have fun with it!

How to play Crossfire

Use WASD to move your character. Use the mouse to aim and shoot enemies by clicking the mouse.

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