Super Magical Chest

Are you having fun when playing Clash Royale game? The game is very popular all over the world now and it’s the game that you shouldn’t skip if you have a touchscreen device in your hands. Whether you are an iOS user or Android user, you need to go to your game store and download the game right now if you are a big fan of card games. Clash Royale game consists so many types of card for the players to use. You can utilize them to play against the online players and gain more fun. There have been a lot of tutorials and instructions relating to how to play the well, as well as how to utilize the cards properly. These guides are always crucial to check out and once you learn them, you can tackle with all any challenges in the game

Today, you will get an opportunity to find out an interesting thing in the game called Super Magical Chest! All things will be exposed to you! Let’s check them out!

Super Magical Chest

All information about Clash Royale Super Magical Chest

This chest consists of various awards, even more than other ones, like Silver, Gold, Magical and so on.

All chests won’t release at random. They always comply with a fixed pattern, excluding this chest. It always releases at random. Maybe you find it hard to receive it, even if you have been playing the game for around 4-5 hours per day ever since the previous update, whilst some of other players already got it. That’s what randomly is, and now, perhaps you already got more info about the super magical chest in the game.

What does the Super Magical Chest include?

There are plenty of items that are contained in this chest. However, they are completely relied on the Arena when you unlock it. You should take a look at the table below to find out more details about this one, which will help you understand it more easily.

Arena Gold Total Cards Guaranteed Cards
Goblin Stadium 160-200 30 1 Epic + 6 Rares
Bone Pit 216-270 41 1 Epic + 8 Rares
Barbarian Bowl 272-340 51 1 Epic + 10 Rares
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 320-400 60 2 Epics + 12 Rares
Spell Valley 368-460 69 2 Epics + 13 Rares
Builder’s Workshop 416-520 78 2 Epics + 15 Rares
Royal Arena 464-580 87 2 Epics + 17 Rares
Frozen Peak 480-672 96 3 Epics + 19 Rares
Legendary Arena 608-760 114 3 Epics + 22 Rares

Below here are the screenshots that were shared by a player named wb81. He achieved 1 X-Bow, 1 Skeleton Army,  2 Giant Skeleton, 3 Freeze, 5 Witch, 72 Inferno Tower, 276 Hidden Tesla as well as 2489 Gold when he unlocked this chest in Arena 4. Check them out:

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