Legendary Card Drop Rate Revealed!

Clash Royale game is an extremely popular card game that you can play on mobile devices which are operated by iOS and Android. The game is more and more addictive to play and it keeps drawing the attention of most of the gamers all over the world. If you are the one that loves using cards to battle against other players, then Clash Royale game is the right one for you. The game has so many classes of cards and each of them has their own advantages and drawbacks. In addition, you can check out many guidance, tips, and tricks in terms of how to use the cards properly.These instructions may be a good chance for the players of this game, especially the beginners, to understand more about the game, as well as, learn more tips that they can utilize to tackle with threats and dangers, particularly the powerful cards of the enemy.

Another topic that is also interesting to check out today is mainly focused on  the legendary card drop rate. You can get a chance to explore this one. It will be awesome and useful to know this, so don’t miss a chance to find out. Explore now!

Legendary Card Drop Rate Revealed!

Legendary Drop Rate

As far as we know, there are plenty of YouTubers who joined Clash Royale game and provided the players with the drop rate for the Legendary card from Super Magical Chest, which was roughly 13%. Nevertheless, after undergoing the brand new update, along with the supplement of new Legendary cards, the possibility has definitely been developed.

Clash Royale game won’t spin for the infrequency initially then achieve a card from that scarcity, it will spin each of card for any card instead.

You can check out some of the nice instances for further information

  • In the video of Bentim1, you can see that he obtained 8 Legendary cards right after unlocking 22 chests, which was roughly 36,4%
  • In the video of Chief Pat, he showed you that already obtained 10 Legendary cards right after he had unlocked 25 chests, which was around 40%
  • In the video done by MOLT, he already achieved 33 Legendary cards right after unlocking up to 97 chests, which was around 34%

To sum up, we got roughly 34,7% in general.

What does this mean for F2P players? 

This obviously indicates that the Legendary drop rate has been dramatically developed in all chests The most outstanding thing about this one is that the players can receive double awards from Crown Chests at the moment. You need to highly anticipate to obtain a Legendary card sooner one day!



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