The Last Survivors

About The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors is one of the most addictive HTML5 action games. It is about a decisive adventure of the ultimate standing people in a metropolis. They need your help to reach the X point on the map as soon as possible because their place is being attacked by scary monsters. They must move to that area to find the reinforcements and survive again. Join The Last Survivors unblocked you will take control of 2 players on the same level. They should enter the exit at a time. Therefore, you are required to bring both of them to the door after avoiding zombies and obstacles. There are some buttons that allow you to overcome puzzles. Play The Last Survivors online you will be able to improve your own thinking ability when you are forced to observe and figure out the best ways to win and progress. Get ready to embark on your story and unlock the final scene!

How to play The Last Survivors

Choose WASD or Arrows to control the man and his daughter

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