Money Movers 2

About Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2 online is a platformer 2-player game with a lot of puzzles to unravel. This is the second installment in the Money Movers series and it’s ready to give you a new adventure with challenges to conquer. You will have to use your wisdom, good strategies, as well as great skills to beat all levels for your victory. Money Movers 2 unblocked revolves around two brothers trying to save their father from the guards and take all the money bags with them. You have to direct the movement of two brothers at the same time, quickly pick up all the money bags on your way, then go to save the father before you get caught. Since the money bags are dispersed in various places, you must solve the puzzles if you want to get to them. Carefully use switches, activate lasers, make smart movements, and combine all of your actions to obtain the goal. Enjoy Money Movers 2!

How to play Money Movers 2

Big brother: Move with left/right arrow keys and jump with up arrow key. Small brother” Move with A/D and use W to jump.

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