Matching Card Heroes

About Matching Card Heroes

If you are a fan of card games and have a good memory, then you will like to play Matching Card Heroes unblocked! This title is one of the best card HTML5 games with nice challenges to conquer. It’s all about three brave heroes attempting to beat evil creatures lurking in the forest. You will give them a hand to defeat them all! When a match begins, you must look at all the cards displayed on the field. After that, the cards will be flipped over, and the mission for you is to find two cards of the same type then match them. If your match is correct, your heroes will attack the enemy. But, if you match the cards wrong, the enemy will deal damage to your heroes. As you match the cards, you will get some power-ups, then make use of them to outplay your enemy. You have to continue fighting against the enemy until they have no HP left, which brings victory to your heroes. The goal for you in Matching Card Heroes online is to beat all levels to become the winner! Have fun with it!

How to play Matching Card Heroes

Match two cards of the same type to help your heroes deal damage to the enemy in the game using the mouse.


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