About Izzi

Play Izzi game for free! Are you in search of more unblocked HTML5 games to master? Then, look no further because now you can give Izzi free online a try. It is one of the best shooting games you can play for free in a browser. The game is all about shooting Izzis (balls) to get scores! In Izzi free online, you are equipped with a cannon that must be used for shooting balls at blocks. These balls come in lots of colors. This means you have to match an Izzi with a block that has the same color, then you have to eliminate them from the board. If you match it with the wrong color, the Izzi will be beaten, and you cannot win the game. You should take a look at the trajectory of every shot before launching the Izzis. Don’t forget to use the curvature with the layout of the level smartly so you can beat the challenge. Have fun with it!

How to play Izzi

Shoot Izzies at blocks in the game using the left mouse button.

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