Hop Quest

About Hop Quest

Hop Quest unblocked is an HTML5 game online focusing on a brave warrior who is ready to defeat all enemies using his greatest weapon. Playing HTML5 games unblocked is a good way to spend your free time, and Hop Quest free online is proud to bring you a good time to entertain yourself. Also, this is a chance for you to show your skills!

In this title, as a brave swordsman, you have to make use of your sword to deal damage to all robots, destroy all floors, and even strong missiles. You make your way through a dangerous dungeon full of challenges on this adventure. Besides being equipped with the swordsman, you also have a fun ability – hopping! A brave hero doesn’t only use his sword to fight off enemies but he can also jump to dodge them. You’d better take advantage of your hero’s ability to outplay all the enemies standing in your way. You have three lives to play the game, and if you run out of them, the game will be over. Try your best to get a high score to become the winner! Play Hop Quest for free on Clash Of Royale now!

How to play Hop Quest

Use A or left arrow key to attack enemies. Use S or up arrow key to jump. Use D or right arrow key to defend. Or, you click on the symbols in the game to interact with your character.

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