Flag Quiz

About Flag Quiz

Do you know all the flags of countries all over the world? With Flag Quiz unblocked, you can test your flag knowledge then see how many questions you can answer! This HTML5 game centers on a fun quiz in which you have to choose the correct answer to the given flag question. Each question goes with 4 given answer options, and you need to pick the right one if you want to have a high score!

When a question pops up on the screen, you should think carefully before choosing the answer. All answers are shown at the bottom. When you have got one in your mind, quickly select it the proceed to the next questions. The answers are displayed as different flags. You should try to remember the correct flags for the countries. The more correct answers you have, the higher the score you will get. Playing Flag Quiz game online for free is also a chance for you to improve your flag knowledge and learn more flags of other countries! Start the challenge now! Have fun with it!

How to play Flag Quiz

Select the answers to answer the questions in the game using the mouse.

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