Bubble Trouble

About Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble unblocked is a famous classic bubble shooter game that is now playable as an HTML5 game. With various levels, you will have a good time playing on them and mastering your skills. Have your shooting skills ready for the challenges! In Bubble Trouble free online, you are tasked with shooting all the bubbles on the screen. They bounce around the level and their sizes will get smaller after being shot by you. Every time you deal damage to a bubble, it will divide into smaller pieces. Make sure you calculate the movements of these bubbles when they bounce and quickly shoot them all before they land on you. If you let them touch you, the game will be over. Keep in mind that you have a limited period of time to finish a level, so try to destroy all the bubbles before time runs out. Don’t forget to collect power-ups then use them to grow the bounce height of the bubbles. You can play either single-player mode or two-player mode! Have a blast with Bubble Trouble game!

How to play Bubble Trouble

Player 1 controls: Move with left/right arrow keys and use the spacebar to shoot. Player 2 controls: Move with X and C and use W to shoot.

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