Top Shootout

About Top Shootout

Feel free to play Top Shootout unblocked on Pogo-Pogo! Do you want to experience a challenging gunfight where you can freely show off your shooting skills? If yes, you can give Top Shootout game online a try! This is a cowboy-themed set in the Wild West. The mission for you is to shoot all the baddies while trying to save the civilians. You come to a saloon where there are lots of baddies and some civilians being trapped there. Once the baddies appear, quickly shoot them before they shoot you back. You need to find the right targets before dealing any shots, or you will shoot at the wrong targets and get shot by the real targets, causing you to lose a life. You are provided with some lives to play. If you lose all of them, the game will be over. As you kill baddies, your score will be increased. Try to get the best score to become the best player!

How to play Top Shootout

Aim and shoot enemies in the game using the mouse.

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