Why you should use the Lightning Spell

The quick guide will give out the most necessary news involved with the Lightning card in Clash Royale game. Lightning is one of the spells which are underrated in the current meta game. In the latest update, the Lightning had a very big buff offering the 0.5s stun effect, similar to the Zap spell. It makes the Lightning Spell become very good at solving and pair with Beatdown Decks. Aside from that, Three Musketeers and Siege Decks are going back to ladders in order to help this card obtain a better chance in your deck.

Why you should use the Lightning Spell

The Lightning


The Lightning is able to attack three targets at a time. And you know it will always hit the ones having the highest HP in the radius of 3.5 tiles. All of them will get stunned for 0.5s.

In the Tournament Standard, the Lightning can complete 864 damage per strike (2,592 damage in total).

How to use Lightning on offense

It seems that the Lightning has come back to Beatdown Decks. Indeed, it was used to be applied a lot in those decks before the Siege Deck was popular.

Lightning has three main jobs if you utilize them to take aggressive action against the foe, including:

  • Wipe out every annoying unit, for example, like Musketeer, Cannon, Witch, Wizard, and others.
  • Set again Inferno Tower, Sparky, Princes, etc.
  • Cut into shreds and knock unconscious mini tanks like Valkyrie.

In Clash Royale online game, the Lightning Spell attaches with tankers (Giant, Golem…) as the weaknesses that it has can be abandoned when you try to use the spell in an exact way. The Lightning can deal with a few famous troops with one shot, Ice Wizard, Wizard, Witch, Musketeer, or Mega Minion.

Lightning Vs. Poison

  • Almost players will prefer pay attention to fire Poison instead of Lightning because of the cost. However, you should consider the Lightning in case your push will be countered by Mega Minion, Inferno Tower.
  • As for instance, it’s supposed that you have the Lava Hound coming towards the Tower of the opponent. And they put down Inferno Tower and Musketeer. So, you can extinguish the most serious damage when the Inferno Tower unleashes. It’s pretty easy to kill Musketeer and reset Inferno Tower’s damage or do a decent amount of destruction to the Inferno Tower and the Tower nearby. It’s a good idea if the other does not hold any right card in their hands. For the existing situation, the Lightning is more effective than Poison. It can demolish any building and glass cannon without effort.
  • In another case for the ground push, there is a Mini P.E.K.K.A while Valkyrie is finding out the solution to block your push. You can release the Lightning quickly and disable them. Bring them to the spot in which the own support fighters will put an end to their life one by one.
  • If you encounter Minion Horde and Barbarians, the Poison is more excellent. For common Beatdown counters such as Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Inferno Tower, Cannon, or Three Musketeers, the Lightning rocks.

Lightning on defense

  • You are recommended to set the Lightning to defend. It is created to cope with the glass cannon, Sparky, Prince, and more. Save it while battling against tank decks. If the enemy pushes less than 3 troops, hit the tank.
  • Do not exert to beat Double Prince with the single Lightning, even when it is resetting their charges, the Princes still remain alive.
  • Lightning can set once more the Sparky decks and remove glass cannons behind (usually Musketeer, Wizard, Witch)

Other tips:

  • The radius is large. It is the second best damage spell. Multiple structures are not the problem for Lightning.
  • For the Elixir Collector and the building nearby, it’s not worth to vandalize them by availing Lightning. Just focus on terminating Princess, Witch, or Musketeer.
  • The Lightning can target nothing. It is a tricky method to cycle your deck and make the adversary confused.

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