The Ultimate Guide To Lumberjack

Clash Royale game includes plenty of interesting cards. In which, Lumberjack is regarded as an outstanding Legendary card costing 4 Elixir to be deployed. It is unlocked from Arena 8 called Frozen Peak. His attack speed is incredible, 0.7s per hit. He can target the single ground unit only. After he dies, he will drop a bottle of Rage which offers the effect for the troops nearby.

The Ultimate Guide To Lumberjack

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Rage Effect Cost Type Rarity
0.7 sec Very Fast 1 sec Melee Ground 0.4 4 Troop Legendary

General Strategy for Lumberjack

The Lumberjack is very well in many situations. A lone Lumberjack is able to cope with a serious damage.

You can place him behind a tank because the vehicle will soak all of the damage while he is fighting against other dangers. He owns an insane attacking speed. Thus, taking out defending units and shred defensive towers is not the problem for him.

Aside from that, he can be placed in front of a push in Clash Royale PC if you want to use his Rage early.

Lumberjack and Fire Spirits is a good combination creating a small push. You will put the Lumberjack face to face with the Fire Spirits in order to solve the enemy utilized to distract LJ.

Golem, Giant, and Lava Hound are remarkable decks. The tank should be put down at the back to build Elixir for a big push. Also, locate splash damage troops behind the tank, for example, Witch, Wizard, or Bomber. Once the tanker is getting ready to cross the river, you need to send Lumberjack either in front of (he will die quickly) or behind the tank (he will give you a winning chance).

Golem + Lumberjack + 3 Musketeer is a deadly combo that you can encounter in the Challenge mode. Meanwhile, Lava Hound + Lumberjack and Giant + Lumberjack is another great one.

Another tactic that you can apply to Clash Royale download game is Hog Rider + Lumberjack. Start off the combat by launching a splash damage rearwards and control that mix when it is about to reach the other bank of the river. The Witch is a good idea as the Rage will provide to Skeletons a lot of DPS. Besides, the Fire Spirits are useful to kill any swarm like Skeleton Army or Minion Horde without effort. If the Hog Rider and LJ make it to the Tower, you can demolish the Tower in a few seconds even without any Witch. If your Witch remains alive while she is being she will quickly counterattack and make the foe severely damaged with her Skeletons, which are excellent to draw away Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Lumberjack, etc.

Level HP Arena Damage DPS
1 900 200 285
2 990 220 315
3 1,089 242 345
4 1,197 266 380
5 1,314 379 344


How to counter him?

Similar to Mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack can deal with tank units in the short time.

Cards in Clash Royale online game like Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, P.E.K.K.A along with tanky ones consisting of Giant, Giant Skeleton, Valyrie can counter the Lumberjack effortlessly. However, you can be surprised when they can eliminate or support the Tower to clear him before he can complete what he expects. Additionally, swarms are hazardous ((Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Goblins…). The air groups can put an end to the Lumberjack before he touches the Tower.

From that, couple him with splash damage cards in your push if he is the main dealer.

Builders are the harder counters. Therefore, release a tanky unit first to keep the LJ safe. The Giant and Hog Rider will work effectively since they are building the targeting ones.

Lumberjack on defense

In Clash Royale game, the Lumberjack is skilled on offense or on defense.

Position him at the middle to lure and assassinate the Mini P.E.K.K.A. He can wipe out Hog Rider. But, the Hog still can hit the Tower 1 or 2 times.

He is not bad at beating the Miner although it is a negative Elixir trade.

At Level 1, Lumberjack can handle 285 damage per second. He can stop tankers, too.

For the Bowler, you will unhand a tanky unit on one side and him on the other side.

If you meet a Musketeer, arrange the Lumberjack on top of it and he can knock down the Musketeer before she takes aggressive action against him the second time.

To sum up

Lumberjack is a powerful beast on both offense and defense. He is the worthy card that you do not ignore. Have fun!

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