The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

Take a chance to explore top 10 cards of Clash Royale game now! Also, you can find out some of the best cards in the game too. The cards are so diverse, each of them has their own advantages and drawbacks. Let’s check them out and see how much value these cards can donate!

The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

Top 10 Cards in Clash Royale


The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

The Princess is indeed the best card:

It only takes 3 Elixir to use her, meaning it can be easier to create strong combos for brutal attacks and get awesome value for protection.

She possesses the largest troop range in the game, exactly 9-tile range. No other units could approach, the Royale Giant only possesses a 6,5-tile range.

She is the only unit that can destroy both Arena Tower and King’s Tower if she is lonely.

She fulfills Area Damage, which is equal to 140 HP damage from a Princess that has level 1 from only 1 shot, which causes her to become the best area damage unit due to her low-priced Elixir cost and her excellent skill to aim at air troops. Baby Dragon, Witch, Fire Spirits, Wizard, and Ice Wizard are other units that can aim at air units and give out splash damage.

Her Area Damage splash radius is very broad, which permits her to give out damage to a bunch of troops at once.

She can be traded with Arrows because both of them always cost 3 Elixir. But there are plenty of advantages to this because she can be utilized to lure Arrows, meaning if the enemy utilizes his Arrows to tackle with Princess, the other times you can deploy some of the troops like Minion Horde, or Goblin Barrel.

One of the largest benefits that the Princess possesses is her skill to compel the enemy into using a card, otherwise, take a bunch of damage due to her range. This is kind of hilarious strong skill for just only 3 Elixir card since this enables the player to cause oppression or compel the enemy to spend more Elixir for fighting back the Princess if they don’t have a powerful counter.

Another great advantage of Princess is her skill to protect from the opposing lane. For instance, the Arena Tower of your enemy is around 1000 HP and you want to clear it up, but the enemy deploys Minion Horde on the right lane. If you have a Princess, you can deploy her on the left lane and she can totally paralyze the Minion Horde to permit your Arena Tower to attack them easily. After that, you can send more backup unit such as Hog Rider, and perform a counter push on the left track using your Princess and Hog. If you got another Arena Damage unit such as Wizard, you can’t do that! He is very costly and he can’t aim at the Minions from the left track, meaning you will have to assist him on the right track and you probably don’t want that.

She can get balanced if she costs 4 Elixir. Or, her Area Damage splash radius should be reduced, which will permit some Minions or Barbarians to flee away. And she won’t get an allowance to obtain much value by giving out Area Damage to some groups.

The Princess is extremely powerful, and obtaining her is just the matter of time. She can exist in 80% of the deck in Legendary Arena.

Ice Wizard

The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

He can become the best backup unit in the game because he is very strong to Arrows or Fireball, which is just similar to Princess.

He is the best unit for fighting back due to his low-priced 3 Elixir cost. You will get an allowance to create excellent combos due to his awesome skill to reduce the forthcoming dangers, which will permit you to fight them back and deploy Ice Wizard for brutal assaults.

The Ice Wizard has the skill to decelerate units, buildings, Arena Tower. Giving out area damage to hordes also causes him to be very dangerous on both ends.

To keep the Ice Wizard balanced, you should get him an HP nerf. If Fireball had the skill to attack Ice Wizards with one shot, this would create a bunch of differences to the game and cause Princes and Ice Wizard to become a powerful combo that has 6 Elixir.

Hog Rider

The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

Hog Rider is the most well-known unit in the game. He is known as a rare card, not Epic one or Legendary one.

  • It only takes 4 Elixir to use Hog Rider, and he can support the buildings, making it effortless to discipline your enemy if you’re making nice Elixir deals.
  • Hog Rider perhaps is not believed as an overwhelmed card, but he can be believed to give out much value while only costing 4 Elixir since Cannon is the only building getting value from Hog Rider.
  • He is very quick and strong. He can go for your Arena Tower straightly. The game has 9 Buildings, with 45 troops. If your deck doesn’t have 2 buildings or even more than that, you may have to battle to protect against the Hog Rider. And somehow if you don’t possess any crucial protective building, the enemy may add Hog Rider in and he will demolish your towers and troops.
  • The solution is kind of easy. You have to be sure that you got at least 2 buildings in your hands. The main issue is that it can damage synergy. It limits good decks and nice offense, meaning you will go through a bunch of draws since your brutal attacks may not be sufficient due to the large amount you put in the defense.

There are so many methods to keep Hog Rider balanced. He can make the game more thrilling and he is crazily quick. Needless to say, he is kind of misused now, and he gives out too much value.

  • You need to decelerate him a bit to keep him balanced. He has such a fast speed, which makes him as quick as Mini P.E.K.K.A. Reducing his speed can help people gain enough time to respond to Hog Rider pushes because every single unit has a placement speed.
  • Protective buildings should be capable of getting the Hog Rider re-aimed on the recent building that was just put even right after the Hog Rider had latched onto the tower. For instance, the Prince latching on an Arena Tower, by putting your Cannon at the fore of Arena Tower, you will get the Prince aimed at the Cannon once again. This is extremely impossible with Hog Rider. He is kind of quick, so if you are low on Elixir from putting down the building on time, you will get destroyed since most protections won’t fulfill enough to prevent the Hog Rider from bleeding.
  • You may be in need of getting more units which are just like the Hog Rider in order to bring more distinctions. This could be because no other unit, which is as low-priced as him, can straightly aim at the Arena Tower of the enemy. More inexpensive protective buildings are needed since if the Hog Rider is well-known, so is the Cannon!

Royal Giant

The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

The Royale Giant was first launched in the game to be the worst card back then, but now it has become one of the best cards.

This card has such a huge range. His range causes so many issues. Not only the skill to dodge being hit by the protective buildings but more significantly to perform a counterpush perfectly. The counterpush is considered as a crucial tactic when you tackle with aggressive units like Hog Riders and Giants. Nevertheless, because the Royale Giant can fire your tower from the location where the bridge exists, the skill to counterpush is extremely diminished. Maybe, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Barbarians are only two possible cards that can counterpush well, which can back up your units at the back. Whilst a P.E.K.K.A is not large because it needs 3 seconds to place and it still takes a bunch of time to destroy a Royale Giant, which the Royale Giant would have probably paralyzed your Arena Tower by that time.

There is another issue with protecting against a Royal Giant, which is his skill limiting “double lane pressures”. For instance, you won’t be able to cause oppression to your enemy one 1 side using a powerful push such as Hog Rider and Goblins and hope to destroy the Royale Giant on the opposing side by limiting them from utilizing backup units at the back of Royale Giant. Since the Royale Giant doesn’t require any assistance, he is known as a nice ranged tank, he can latch onto the Arena Tower instantly.

The range of Royale Giant can become the largest issue when tackling with him. It’s not tough to mess up the placement time, particularly if you got small lag in connection, a millisecond that is able to change into a victory or loss.

Royale Giant has the skill to aim at your Arena instantly once of your Arena Tower has been demolished. Normally, when your Arena Tower is down, it should be tougher to bring down the second one because you got the assistance of King’s Tower to protect you, but it’s not like that when you tackle with Royal Giant. For the one who uses Royale Giant, it’s kind of effortless for him to take out your second Tower as he can aim at your Arena Tower while trying to dodge your King’s Tower and he doesn’t need to traverse it. You need to put down a building ahead of your Arena Tower before he sends out his Royale Giant in order to prevent him from aim at your Arena Tower immediately.

This is kind of nonsense as it would permit the enemy to demolish the building easily or totally ignore it. You need to let dissipate and after that, you can swallow up the enemy with a Royal Giant combo.

Elixir Collector

The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

This is a precious and valuable card for the decks that are kind of high-priced. Utilizing a costly deck that has an Average Elixir Cost will help you fight against an opponent using an Elixir Collector when he always gets more Elixir than you do.

  • The Elixir Collector can get balanced if you reduce its HP as it used to be possible protective structure because of its high HP.
  • The negative influence on synergy can get Elixir Collector balanced too. You should get another building beside Elixir Collector in order to cut off all dangers, like Hog Rider and Royale Giant.
  • The major issue when you tackle with the Elixir is how large advantage that it brings you if you have Elixir Collector in your hand at the very beginning. It’s kind of disturbing if the enemy begins the game using his Elixir Collector and your Elixir Collector is the final one in your cycle.


The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

Miner can be the great card to fight against the Princess. Thanks to that characteristic, it is known as one of the best cards in the deck.

It’s very good due to how it successfully destroys or break a bunch of units such as Wizard, Musketeer, and Witch.

Also, Miner is a wonderful card due to its skill to get rid of Elixir Collectors. A 3 Elixir Card can demolish a 5 Elixir card and break through the deck of the enemy, particularly if they are utilizing a costly deck that has Elixir Collector. The Miner will discard them.

The Miner has a skill to latch onto instantly and diver the Arena Tower of the enemy. Thanks to its amazing HP, it can defend your low HP units like Goblins and create an extremely quick and strong combo.

 Zap Spell

The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

The Zap Spell can become the most amazing spell card in the game. It causes damage very quickly. It’s known as the best one because it only costs 2 Elixir and always brings you more value. There won’t be anything wrong using the Zap Spell. If you use it to damage Goblins and Arena Tower, you are creating more value. Zapping a Minion Horde and letting your Arena Tower clear up all vulnerable Minions means that you are receiving the return value. Also, you can get more value if you zap Skeleton Army or Goblin Barrel.

Zap Spell is such a helpful card. It only takes 2 Elixir cost and it also brings amazing stun effect. This will let your units get additional shot onto the opposite Arena Tower or let your protection get an additional shot.

  • It also possesses other skills like resetting the target of units and buildings. Like, if the Royal Giant aims at your Arena Tower, just use this card to zap the Royal Giant.
  • Another skill of Zap Spell is that it can reset the attack of Sparky.


The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

Valkyrie is the card that has the highest HP! It’s also the most powerful splash-damaging card too, except Sparky. She only takes 4 Elixir cost, which makes her very great and helpful. She got a skill to fight back Princess and Ice Wizard easily, and other backup units at the back of the tanks too. You can use her effectively when she can help you kill other enemies. She is known as one of the best cards due to how helpful she is when fighting back usual dangers like Princess, Ice Wizard, Hog Rider and so forth. Due to the high HP and DPS, you shouldn’t neglect her if she is solitary.


The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

The Canon appears in this top 10 list is because it can effectively fight back the Hog Rider and give you a lot of good value in return while it’s only known as the protective building. Hog Rider decks appear everywhere, provided that Hog Rider is well-known, the Cannon will be right after him!

The Cannon has another good skill too! It can protect against a lot of cards that takes more than 3 Elixir cost, like Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Giant Skeleton, Dark Prince and much more. Hence, it’s such a good card for you to get more value against other usual dangers in the game.


The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

1 Elixir Skeletons are kind of a card that gives out high value, but they are usually underestimated. You can take an example like this, four Skeletons at level 9 can give out 268 damage per second, while 9 Goblins at level 3 can deal 288 damage per second, and they take 1 more Elixir cost than the 1 Elixir Skeletons, whilst 4 Barbarians at level 9 can give out 424 damage per second if they team up with each other. Skeletons are so dangerous when they are helped by another unit to divert the Arena tower.

  • Skeletons are kind of great for protection and they are effortless to get value. They can defeat Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A and send them out to fight against other common dangers as well as give you more value.
  • You can utilize them to pull, divert, split combos and other stuff
  • More importantly, your Average Elixir cost will be low if they keep yours and you will be able to cycle via your cards more quickly

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