How to use Fire Spirits Properly

In Clash Royale game, Fire Spirits are only the excellent cards with low Elixir costs. They can target both the air and ground units. After being added in the last update, the Fire Spirits become a brand new card with the exclusive mechanic. It’s amazing to know that they can kill themselves! And now, we are pleased to introduce to you how to use Fire Spirits properly in this depth guide.

How to use Fire Spirits Properly

How to use Fire Spirits Properly

How to use Fire Spirits Properly
To use how to use Fire Spirits properly, you should:

Fire Spirits are Kamikaze units. Like other ranged units, this unit has a range which they use to launch their projectiles. But they are also these projectiles. Hence, after they shoot a big fireball, they will die.

At Tournament Levels (9), these Fire Spirits own 91 HP each and distribute 169 area damage each. Then, the enemy tower can’t destroy them in one hit. But, HP is not the most important element because the Fire Spirits rarely get damage. And the final way to kill them is waiting until they suicide. Therefore, what we want to mention is the damage. At 169 damage each, they are basically a Level 9 Wizard Fireball each. You know that Wizard Fireballs hurt, especially at Level 9.

Aside from that, Fire Spirits are the best AoE cards can take Elixir Cost and Damage into account. What you do is get them to their destination without fail.

Level HP Damage
1 43 80
2 47 88
3 52 96
4 57 106
5 62 116
6 68 128
7 75 140
8 82 154
9 91 169
10 100 186
11 110 204
12 120 224
13 132 247

How to use Fire Spirits Properly

There are two strategies in How to use Fire Spirits properly. They are Defensive Spirits and Offensive Fire Spirits.

Defensive Spirits

Minions & Minion Hordes

They are the basic aerial units with the low HP. even though they are weak, they can become one of the most widely used cards. The Arrows are pretty hard to attack both. Arrow Bait decks can waste your arrows when Minion Horde comes and destroys your tower.

Don’t worry! Fire Spirits can work better than Arrows if they go over with a +1 Elixir trade against the former and a +3 Elixir trade against the latter. You need to place Fire Spirits in a far position so that Minions can’t approach before their time ends. Then, you can watch the entire Horde die or stay alive.


Barbarians are the common cards can cause big damage if they are left alone. AoE is the best method to deploy them and help you master how to use Fire Spirits properly. Fire Spirits will damage Barbarians and leave them with enough HP to survive, at max, 2 tower hits.

It’s pretty difficult to place Fire Spirits against Barbarians because the group can operate themselves strangely. You can place Fire Spirits nearby their normal square formation easily. But, when you place Barbarians behind the tower, you can force them to move in a lane. If you place Fire Spirits in front of this lane, it only damages the first two Barbs. If you place Fire Spirits to the side of the queue, they will run into the second or third Barbarians. This often damages the whole line.

Goblins, Spear Goblins, Archers

When these units come to the side of the arena, they always have a stronger troop like Hog or Valkyrie. And Fire Spirits are the good choice to kill them while they combine into a group. Fire Spirits will eliminate these enemies and damage them.

Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards

Fire Spirits should be located far enough to spawn without being killed. Thus, they can clean up every opponent on the lane.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is the rare card in how to use Fire Spirits. But they gather at a place, one Fire Spirit can destroy all three. If the Goblins are on the different sides and the card is playing properly, the Fire Spirits will leave.


Balloon can become the root of the panic because they are played behind a bigger unit. Or in case the opponent realizes that you don’t have a lot Elixir to prevent the Balloon push. Fire Spirits can burn a large number of Balloon’s HP. There is no any troop can do this with a low cost.

Witch, Wizard, Bomber, Baby Dragon

If you move into the land of the troop that you should not use Fire Spirits to play against, you need to allow Fire Spirits to collect a hit in by distracting them with a cheap troop.


Play Fire Spirits well to decrease the damage that a Prince can do if you are not able to stop them. It is the good way to learn more about how to use Fire Spirits. When the Prince is charging, you’d better place Fire Spirits toward the middle of the arena. Then, he can’t reach before the 1 second placement time ends. If he attacks once again, you can place your Fire Spirits at the good location where Prince can’t strive for another charge.

Musketeer, Three Musketeers

Fire Spirits can harm for a Musketeer. They also hurt three Musketeers even kill them before they can spawn. In this situation, the distraction is useful.

Every Other Troop

The Fire Spirits can be damaged by the Giant, Golem, P.E.K.K.A and other larger troops easily. So, you are recommended to use a troop or a building that pulls off the troop from the own tower.

Offensive Fire Spirits

There are many tips for how to use Fire Spirits properly here.

Singular Spirits

At Tournament Levels, when you set Fire Spirits alone at a lane, Fire Spirits are enough powerful to stay alive with one HP. It means that one can get to the tower of the enemy if they don’t play anything. However, it is not the great way to use Fire Spirits because it is better for you to control them in other ways. If every action descends in the same lane, it’s possible to get a cheap 170 damage on another tower.

Skeletons and Spirits: Undead Combo

You will replace above tactic with skeletons and set Spirits behind the skeletons right. Both of them should be established in front of the bridge. Although it is similar to Singular Spirits, the skeleton can absorb the damage and allow three Spirits to hit the tower for 510 free damage. You can stop a Valkyrie, Arrows, and Zap for a +1 Elixir trade despite the low costs.

Spirit Chauffeur

While Skeletons can lead to a big damage for the Spirits, you can’t feel surprised when mini-tanks (Knight and Valkyrie) do this better. But, this can work differently because these two components are equal. On the other hands, the shield troop can work on the inverse although it can absorb tower damage for the Spirits and help them attack the tower. The Spirits will hit the troop which suspends the mini-tank. And they support the min-tanks to destroy the target and solve their damage. The high speed of Fire Spirits can push the mini-tanks to the tower faster.

It’s quite hard to deal this push since each troop protects the other according to what will be placed to frustrate it. The defensive buildings can push back this.

Behind Me

In the guide of how to use Fire Spirits, tanks like Giants and P.E.K.K.A are at the mercy of smaller troops like Goblins, Barbarians, and Minions. Many of them have Arrows and Fireballs while cards like Minion Horde can cause pernicious damage before they throw any arrow or anything. When you place Fire Spirits behind a tank before they cross the bridge, an automatic Fireball-Arrow hybrid will react and shoot. It is very effective to remove Goblins and Minions. Also, create injuries for Barbarians.

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