How to Use Fire Spirits Accurately

Fire Spirits is known as one of the most awesome and remarkable cards that have low Elixir cost in Clash Royale game. It can aim at air and ground armies totally. This card has just been added and introduced in the previous update, and it was kind of a new one containing extremely specific mechanic. They can destroy themselves. While they are basically troops, but their ability can be compared to spells and they have gained a nice title called “pseudo-spells” given by the players. Let’s find out all information about Fire Spirits and research on how to utilize it accurately in the game!

How to Use Fire Spirits Accurately

Summary about Fire Spirits

Clash Royale Cards

How to Use Fire Spirits AccuratelyAs far as you know, Fire Spirits are Kamikaze groups and similar to other ranged groups, they possess such a great range that will help them launch their projectiles. They will shoot one large fireball and then go destroy themselves.

At some of the levels (9) in the tournament, Fire Spirits contain 91 HP, and each of them can give out 169 damages each location, meaning the enemy towers will not able to destroy them within just 1 hit. However, HP factor is not completely a serious one here because your Fire Spirits don’t get damage much. Suicide is the only way for them to finish their lives.

The most crucial part that needs to be discussed is its damage, up to 169 damage each, and they are primarily at level 9 and can be known as Wizard Fireball. Those Wizard Fireballs damage, particularly at level 9. Then, you can only imagine 3 of them in very fast sequence. The most important you have to remember when using these cards is that trying to make them reach their destination safely!

Level HP Damage
1 43 80
2 47 88
3 52 96
4 57 106
5 62 116
6 68 128
7 75 140
8 82 154
9 91 169
10 100 186
11 110 204
12 120 224
13 132 247

Clash Royale Cards

Defensive Spirits

It’s time to learn about how to utilize the protective abilities of Fire Spirits in a proper way:
Minions & Minion Hordes

These cards are known as fundamental aerial groups that have low HP. Although they have their own weaknesses and some of the drawbacks, they are still utilized by most of the players in their whole game. The arrows are very tough to fight back, but that doesn’t always happen to each deck using Arrows. In addition, the Arrow Bait decks can take some of your arrows in order to permit the Minion Horde to destroy heavily on your towers.

With Fire Spirits, your battle will become more brutal! These cards are more difficult than the two

Arrow cards, and it’s way too tough for countering. With just more than 1 Elixir trade against the previous and more than 3 Elixir trade against the final, they are more useful than Arrows. You need to put the Fire Sprits far-off enough so that the Minions will not be able to approach them before they run out of deployment time and observe the whole Horde die.


Barbarians are extremely useful common cards in the game. These cards can bear a fair amount of wound, and they can give out large, immense damage if being alone. AoE can be a great choice to defeat them down. Fire Spirits can give out large damage to Barbarians and will not take out all their HP. They will hit 2 towers at maximum, and that will be more than 3 Elixir trade.

It’s very dangerous to put Fire Spirits against the Barbarians when the unit can arrange themselves in a strange way. If they are in their common shape, then it will be easy to put Fire Spirits close by. But, if putting Barbarians at the back of the tower, they can enter a line easily. And putting Fire Spirits at the fore of the line is very useless because it can only destroy the initial two Barbarians. Rather than, you need to put Fire Spirits to the side of the line so that they will rush into the second and the third Barbarians, which will destroy the whole line.

Goblins, Spear Goblins, Archers

When they approach your side of the land, they will always come along with another powerful troop, such as Hog or Valkyrie. Fire Spirits can be very useful to defeat them down when they work in a group. These Fire Spirits will destroy them and give out strong damage to the troop that they were working with.

Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards

You should put the Fire Spirits far away from the range so that they can enter without being destroyed, then continue to destroy the calcium. Guards comprised here. The initial two need to get rid of the shields and the final one need to wipe out the spooky skeletons that are hiding below.

Goblin Barrel

This card is very rare, but Fire Spirits are a tough counter. If the Goblins are bunched together in one area, they will get destroyed by just one Spirit, which can kill three of them at once. However, if the card is using accurately and the Goblins are placed on discrepant sides, the Spirits will leave their normal jump, and each of them will reach for an individual goblin


Balloons can get panic-causing because they are normally put at the back of a larger group or when the enemy figures out that you have no Elixir much to prevent a Balloon from thrusting. With the assistance of Fire Spirits, they later should nearly never happen unless they don’t exist in your queue. Fire Spirits can steal a large amount HP of a Balloon.

Witch, Wizard, Bomber, Baby Dragon

Let’s enter the realm of the troops that you shouldn’t use your Fire Spirits to counter them, but for those who want to use them, they should check out how! These cards are known as ranged AOE groups, which are viewed as the terrible nightmare of Fire Spirits. You can only let your Fire Spirits hit them by diverting them with another cheap army. Although this can take more than 2 Elixir, Fire Spirits are able to split the HP bars of these armies that permit to be defeated by a tower before they give much damage.


Although the Fire Spirits are unable to counter a Prince, if you use them in an accurate way, you can totally reduce a large amount of damage a Prince can do of you are unable to prevent them with anything. When you a Prince is being charged, you must put Fire Spirits toward the center of the arena to let the Prince approach them before the deployment time runs out. The Prince will consume his charge damage on one and before he is able to assault once again. The other two will wake up and have to give out great damage to that Prince. You need to put the Fire Spirits so that when the Prince steps back to the tower, the distance will not be enough for him to make another charge.

Musketeer, Three Musketeers

Fire Spirits can make one or three Musketeers hurt, however, they are not optimum counters because the Musketeers can have a longer range than the Spirits and destroy them right before they enter. As mentioned above, you should distract them!

Each Other Troop

he other bigger troops, such as Giant, Golem, P.E.K.K.A and so forth can escape from the damage of Fire Spirit effortlessly. You are highly recommended to utilize a troop or a building that can distract the troop away from the tower or give out continuous destruction instead of utilizing Fire Spirits.

Offensive Fire Spirits

It’s kind of rare to utilize Fire Spirits in the offense. But if you know how to use them, those cards will give your strength!

Singular Spirits

At some of the levels in the tournament, Fire Spirits are very powerful enough to prolong their life after taking a hit from a tower you put them down a line alone, at least one of them will be able to reach the enemy tower if they don’t play. This can’t be a right use of Fire Spirits though because it’s still better to use them in other different ways.

But, if all action is coming down in one track, you can use this to obtain a cheap 170 damage on another tower.

Skeletons and Spirits: Undead Combo

This is nearly the same tactic that was mentioned above, but you will need to put Skeletons first, then place Spirits at the back of the Skeletons instantly. You will have to place them right in front of the bridge.

Although they are similar to Singular Spirits, the Skeletons will swallow the damage and allow 3 Spirits to attack the tower to get 510 free damage.

Although this tactic doesn’t cost too much Elixir, it’s still effortless to prevent with a Valkyrie, Arrows, or a Zap for more than 1 Elixir trade to them.

Spirit Chauffeur

While the Skeletons are trying to create a useful damage shield that can support the Spirits, the mini-tanks such as Knight and Valkyrie can carry out better. But, this one is differently useful because both of elements are the same. Whole the main function of the shield troop is to swallow the tower damage for the Spirits, and allow them to destroy the tower, it can work conversely. If a troop is put in order to prevent the min-tank, the Spirits then will assault them and poke into the HP bar which will allow the min-tank to defeat them and continue to give out damage. The high speed of Fire Spirits can even make them thrust the mini-tank on the way to the tower faster than they just stroll
It’s very risky to tackle with this thrust because each troop protects the other counting on which is put to fight it back. But, defensive buildings can encumber this thrust.

Behind Me

Some of the tanks such as Giants and PEKKA are at the clemency of tiny armies, including Goblins, Barbarians, and Minions. Some of them can bring arrows and fireballs to prevent them, but cards such as Minion Horde can cause strong damage by the time the arrow can approach them. But, placing Fire Spirits at the back of a tank by the time they traverse the bridge is a basically a mixture of Fireball and Arrow, which can strike in just a few seconds instead of giving you time to behave and fire. Destroying Goblins and Minions and hurting Barbarians, Fire Spirits at the back of a tank are extremely useful.

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