How to Upgrade Your Cards Strategically in Clash Royale Game

Upgrading your cards in Clash Royale game is an important thing that you must always do and try to do if you decide to play this game long, and stick it with more. The game is mostly about keeping your cards upgraded through over time to make them stronger. However, it’s not easy to learn when you need to upgrade the cards, and which cards you must upgrade. Now, you can find out and learn how to upgrade your cards in a strategic way.

How to Upgrade Your Cards Strategically in Clash Royale Game

Upgrading your cards in Clash Royale game

If you want to upgrade the cards, you must find out the reason why you want to do so, and ask yourself carefully if it’s necessary to upgrade any cards. Also, you should think about the amount of your gold in the game before upgrading. Gold is always infinite and you must consider the gold costs because they are mostly the same for similar card rarity or level upgrades.

The best cards that are definitely worth your gold

If a card is not being utilized, you shouldn’t upgrade it:

You shouldn’t waste your gold on an unused card, for example, if you’re not currently using your Freeze Spell, then don’t upgrade it without any specific reason. Doing so is just waste a bunch of your gold. You should wait until you truly need it, or when you are in need of some XP to get to the subsequent level. And remember that all upgrades are not always equivalent

What if there are no difficult counters to the cards that you’re thinking about?

Now, to answer that question, you should check out a small instance below. This example centers on two cards, Spear Goblins and Royal Giant:

Spear Goblins: Level 8 to 9 Royal Giant: Level 8 to 9
HP 100 (+10) HP 2316 (+228)
Damage 46 (+4) Damage 144 (+15)
DPS 35 (+3) DPS 96 (+10)

After reading the table above, you should think about some things below:

  • The given numbers are just for one Spear Goblin. When you play the game, you will receive up to 9 damage change.
  • You can’t put the Royal Giant in any decks, but you can totally do so with Spear Goblins which are very flexible, and they can be utilized throughout the game.
  • It’s such a dangerous step if you improve Royal Giant to a higher level.


The cards that you should improve in the game

In fact, you are highly recommended to keep all of your cards upgraded. If you just want to upgrade the cards that you are currently utilizing, then you will eventually get a deck filled with improved cards.

You shouldn’t change the decks and cards all the time. Using rare cards at level 4 or Epic cards at level 2 won’t be effective much in Arena 7 and above. The level of the cards is a significant element that helps you conquer the whole battle. You should utilize the cards that you prefer, always keep them upgraded, and don’t play cards that are at low level.

After getting a cool deck, you need to request a card and keep it upgraded all the time to defeat all tough counters. You can think about choosing Goblins that can’t be destroyed by low-level Zap, and Zap that can destroy Minions Hordes at 2 levels higher. Try to improve all of your decks before joining the tournament with some levels, such as level 9 for common cards level 7 for rare cards, level 4 for epic cards, and level 1 for legendary cards. Also, make sure you choose the second card for improving above counters. Try your best to work on a flexible card or the one that plays a crucial role in your deck.

How to Upgrade Your Cards Strategically in Clash Royale Game

When to buy a Legendary from Shop

Because it’s a legendary, you’re suggested to buy one from the shop. However, you should think about the cost, since the Legendary costs up to 40k Gold. To be able to buy one, you should follow two options, and of course, it’s up to you to follow them or not:

Make sure that you always purchase a Legendary when you think it’s not easy for you to stick to the Legendary Arena. One Legendary card will totally help you stay in if you keep losing the battles.

If your main deck is not filled with upgraded cards, then you shouldn’t purchase any Legendary cards. You should use 40K Gold for upgrading the cards in your deck.

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