How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

To start the subject, you need to explore these following questions.

How should I spend Gems in Clash Royale?

The table below will show you the name of chests which you can buy or find in the Clash Royale game along with the unlocking time, gem timer and some brief descriptions. It is also the first problem to answer for “How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale?”

Name Unlocking time Gem Timer Description
Silver Chest 3 Hours 18 Gems The Silver Chest just includes the fewest cards. They are the most common. You can get Rare Legendary Cards, Epic or even Legendary Cards. But they are very rare.
Golden Chest 8 Hours 48 Gems The Golden Chest is fairly popular. You can usually have one after every 5 wins. You can always obtain Rare Cards from Golden Chest. Epic and Legendary Cards are pretty rare. The Crown Chest is most likely the same as the Golden Chest
Giant Chest 12 Hours 72 Gems The Giant Chest is an overstuffed version of the Golden Chest. You will possess plenty of common cards, some Rare Cards and a little opportunity of Epic or Legendary Cards.
Magical Chest 12 Hours 72 Gems Achieve some Epic and Legendary Cards from Magical Chest.
Super Magical Chest 24 Hours 144 Gems Have a large number of Common and Rare Cards, a few Epic Cards and Legendary Cards.

I don’t want to buy any Gem!

The objective in the game should be reaching level 3 Epic Cards, level 6 Rare Cards and level 8 Common Cards. Aside from that, if you get Arena 7, you will unlock every Card. This can allow players to play for free. However, if you don’t need to see more How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale and purchase any Gem or you’d like to play for free, you can follow this guide.

  • You will not buy stuff regularly because this is free-to-play. Try to save your gems and use them for 1-2 game-changing buys next!
  • Use 500 gems to buy 10,000 gold. By this way, you can save up to 100 gems. Use gold to upgrade your cards and you can see that it’s pretty even very hard to collect enough gold during the progression.
  • Visit the shop daily! And use gold to purchase some Rare Cards every day because the first cards are extremely cheap. Besides, you can donate them and make a profit. If you are actually looking for Epic Card, you can buy it.
  • You’d better concentrate on only one Epic Card that you love. If you get it six times, you can gain it to level 3 (2,000 x 6 = 12,000 Gold)

It’s very effective to buy Big Chests! They ensure for you to obtain what you need even when you don’t have enough gold after that.

I can sometimes buy Gems

How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale will give you the tip if you can sometimes buy Gems.

  • A single purchase can last many weeks or months before you run out of Gems.
  • After you buy gems, you need to add lots of gold (either 10,000 Gold or 100,000 Gold). Then, save the rest of gems.
  • And use gems to open Chests once you have all Chests.

Players often complain about the issue that they feel blocked when the chest row is full. One Gem is a penny. Thus, you will pay a quarter to unlock every Silver Chest. Opening Chests when the Chest row is totally full will give you the advantage of cost. It 50% discount on Chests. To get Golden Chests from the shop, you will have to spend 80-120 Gems. If you want to speed up the timer, you just spend 48 Gems. Speeding up the Magical Chest at Arena 8 will be valued at 72 Gems. It is over 90% cheaper than purchasing in the shop.

To optimize this, you should open the Silver Chests during a day and save Gold, Giant or Magical Chests overnight to receive the better discount.

When Should I Buy Chests in the Shop?

You can know that it’s not very effective to buy Chests in the shop. But it is the quickest way to rank up and collect all cards in the game. Just follow How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale to see more.

If you learn how to play properly, you can reach the level 5 in a week. It’s not good to rush to the high level! This is the estimates of the cost you can refer in case you want to level up immediately.

  • Level 5 to 6: $25 ($25 total, F2P takes 2 Weeks)
  • Level 6 to 7: $50 ($75 total, F2P takes 1 Month)
  • Level 7 to 8: $150 ($225 total, F2P takes 2 Months)
  • Level 8 to 9: $250 ($475 total, F2P takes 4 Months)
  • Level 9 to 10: $500 ($975 total, F2P takes 8 Months)
  • Level 10 to 11: $1000 ($2000 total, F2P takes 16 Months)
  • Level 11 to 12: $2000 ($4000+ total, F2P takes 32 Months)

When Should I buy Cards in the Shop?

With How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale, the first 3 Common Cards, first 2 Rare Cards and the first Epic Cards are definitely worthy. If you bought 100,000 Gold with Gems, it was deserved to get the second Epic Card for 3,600 Gold. This can save your time and you don’t need to wait for seeing it in the shop. Sometimes, you had to buy Rare Cards up to 150 Gold and Common Cards up to 20 Gold when you really desired to upgrade it.

How about Clan Donations?

You should donate if necessary because you need to have Gold and XP than Cards. You can own up to 4200 Gold weekly if your clan is active.

Make the most use of Gems

The guide of “How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale” is good for players who are below Arena 5. It’s better to spend 500 Gems to exchange 10,000 Gold! You can take a look at this spreadsheet

  • Skipping Chest Timer in Arena 3: 2.02 Commons/Gem
  • Buying Giant Chests from Shop in Arena 3: 2.14 commons/Gem
  • Buying Magic Chests from Shop in Arena 3: 1.44 commons/Gem
  • Skipping Chest Timer in Arena 6: 3.09 Commons/Gem ===> Best
  • Buying Giant Chests from Shop in Arena 6: 2.59 commons/Gem
  • Buying Magic Chests in Arena 6: 1.73 Commons/Gem
  • Spending 60 Gems to get 1,000 gold: 2.07 Commons/Gem
  • Spending 500 Gems to get 10,000 gold: 2.48 Commons/Gem

The SpreadSheet above is about the efficiency in term of Commons.

For example, a Gold Chest can provide 29 cards in Arena 7 and you will get around 26.1 Common Cards, 2.76 Rare Cards, 0,13 Epic Cards and 0.007 Legend Cards on the average. Supposed that 1 rare = 10 Commons, 1 Epic = 200 Commons, 1 Legendary = 4,000 Commons, a Gold Chest in Arena 7 will cost 110 Common Cards. You need to have 48 Gems to unlock this Gold Chest instantly, which is 2.3 Commons/Gem + extra Gold.

The Magical Chest can grant fewer cards. But it has 2x higher chance of owning Rare Cards and 6.7x higher chance for Epic Cards. And you can see that The Magical Chests are worth 3.26 times more than other chests’ cards.

In this spreadsheet, he decided the number of Gold by using the cost of cards in the shop. A normal player can purchase 4 Commons and 1 Rare every day and at least 1 Epic every week (1 Common = 8.05 Gold)

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