How to Lure Troops Properly – Basic + Advanced Tips

If you are a beginner of Clash Royale game, you should find out some helpful tips to understand how to tempt the troops. Tempting troops can become one of the most excellent ways to help you protect your Towers and get more Elixir advantages. Also, you can tackle with the opponent units more easily if you know how to lure troops properly. Let’s find out now!
How to Lure Troops Properly – Basic + Advanced Tips

How to Entice Troops Properly

When you are about to release your card that is nearby the troops of enemy, you will figure out that there is always an exclamation mark turning up, meaning your units will divert the opponent troops

If your tower is under attack by an X-Bow or Mortar, its prey can be reset in an easy way with a Zap. You need to release Zap on X-Bow or Mortar; it will instantly re-prey your units.

It’s very crucial to learn more about the movement speed of the troop. If your melee troops are much quicker than the enemy’s, they will not pull. If not, they will attack the prey instantly

When tackling with a pull, don’t spend more Elixir than the enemy’s push. The Elixir should only be spent more when you are about to perform a counter assault.

When you perform a chain pull, you shouldn’t spend more than 3 Elixir on your first troops.

Skeletons, Goblins, Archers and Spear Goblins, are all nice for the first pull

The units that you want to tempt should be the ones that have high HP, Damage and of course Elixir cost.

You shouldn’t try to pull Wizard, Bomber, Witch, Three Musketeers, Royal Giant. Try to assault them with powerful melee units instead

There are 3 kinds of tempting in the game:

  • Standard Temptation: Simply tempt the opponent units to the center of your arena
  • Chain Temptation: Tempt the units to the other side using around 2-3 cards that don’t cost much Elixir. A chain temptation can finish 3 stuff, it can push the unit in the shooting scope of both towers, it can push the opponent troops into the subsequent lane. It is able to split the unit between both towers.
  • Kiting Temptation: Kiting is an action that draws the attention of the troop and escapes away from it. Essentially, if your units possess better movement speed than the opponent units, and they are not able to prey the opponents, they will move towards the opponent towers and push the rival units to make them stay away from yours.

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