How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

It’s time to learn how to counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale!

How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

How to deal with Bomb Tower

There are various useful ways to deal with this problem. But the first thing you do is to become the Bomb Tower. Next, you can play successfully against low-cost decks, which can be commonly searched below Legendary Arena.

  • If you are using Hut Decks, a Barbarian Hut turns into a negative Elixir trade quickly. Goblin Huts are fine. But you should place a tanker in front of the own Goblins. The Bomb tower is very powerful to attack Hut Decks. And the enemy will get serious troubles when trying to win a Bomb Tower. In case you don’t have any Mortar or any hard counter, you’d better draw the match.
  • The second way for how to counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale is using the Mortar. It is the best card to counter a Bomb Tower. In many situations, you can want to reach the Bomb Tower with the edge of the Mortar’s radius when you detect it. Just observe everything from their perspective. It refers to an emergency desire to prevent the Mortar quickly. Note that some players end up after committing. this action can give you a larger Elixir trade. If you control the Mortar offensively, they will plant a Bomb Tower to deal with your Mortar. It is the positive Elixir trade. You can keep going on another lane. It’s funny to counter a Mortar with Bomb Tower! It owns the very high HP. You can use it to make the Mortar lose their attention while you are managing other troops to kill the Mortar.
  • If you have the Elixir Collector, you can achieve a passive Elixir advantage while the Bomb Tower’s life is reducing. The 2 Elixir Advantage lets you take part in the Bomb Tower just a little more aggressively. If the Bomb Tower is 2 tiles away from the river, small Minions will be the best choice.
  • In this how to counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale, you can skip it if it doesn’t distract your troop. If you are controlling Balloon and the Bomb Tower is 3 or more tiles, you can overcome the Bomb Tower by growing the Balloon right on the edge. At the place where Bomb Tower has only two tiles, you need to grow the Balloon on the furthest edge, behind the rock.

How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

  • Using Minions:

If players, who are not ready to Arrows 3 Minions, launch any Fireball, they will make a positive Elixir trade. Zap, which is combined with Minions, will become the effective combo. If the enemy picks Spear Goblins to suspend your Minions, you can zap them easily.

Minion Hordes are a bad idea because Arrows are present in every deck. If you identify their Arrows are out of the rotation or they start at 0 Elixir, you can release Minion Horde to destroy the Bomb Tower for an equal Elixir Trade.

  • Using Baby Dragon:

Dragon is the good card of how to counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale. It can fly and have the high HP.

If the Bomb Tower is placed with 3 or less than tiles, the Baby Dragon will shoot from the Bomb Tower freely. It forces the enemy force to kill the Baby Dargon or lose the Bomb Tower.

It’s risky to gamble with pre-Arrows when the counter to your Baby Dragon is the Minion Horde! But the payout is very high. Zap is also effectual if their anti-air are Goblins.

If they have a Musketeer to play against your Dragon, you can toss a Fireball and hurt the Musketeer. It is the positive Elixir trade and damage to their Arena Tower.

  • Other Tips:

There are many helpful tips in how to counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale such as:

If you try to destroy their Bomb Tower and you have enough a little negative Elixir trade, you can throw Goblin Barrel to lure Arrows. Next, you can drop the Minion Horde.

Besides, you can use Barbarians to put an end to the Bomb Tower with a tanker on one lane. Remember to place your Barbs on another lane as soon as the Bomb Tower hits the tanker!

Lightning Spell is valuable to fight against the Bomb tower if you beat 3 targets.

You should observe the situation for Rocket decks. if you have no any clues to know the card rotation of the enemy, their hard counter or make enough positive Elixir trade to launch a Rocket, you should not Rocket the Bomb Tower.

A tank disproves the primary clash function of the Bomb Tower. You can create the force push with tank and support.

P.E.K.K.A and Golem are the unique tankers to battle against the Bomb Tower because they are very slow. When the Golem reaches the Bomb Tower, the life timer decreases half.

Princess is an awesome card to counter the Bomb Tower. Your Princess will still shoot the Tower at least once when the enemy throws Arrows at her.

You can watch this video below to see clearly.

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