How To Get To Legendary Arena

The best tips and more effective strategies along with decks in Clash Royale game are ready for those who are looking for the fastest method to reach the ninth arena or the Legendary Arena to experience.

How to get to Legendary Arena

First of all, what we want to present to you guys is to save up Gems that you have obtained. Other than purchasing these valuable stones with the real money, the only another solution to possess them is completing every Achievement or opening up Free Chests with Crown Chests. Both of these chests can contain from 2 to 4 Gems. Make sure you will unlock them and ensure to make wherever from 8 to 20 Gems very day. Also, you are recommended to keep safe your asset. When you collect enough 500, you can use them to buy a Legendary Chest from the shop when it appears.

  • For 500 Gems, the Legendary Chest is considered as the best offer in Clash Royale download It will allow you to achieve a corresponding card which has the same name. A Level 1 Legendary card is comparable to a Level 9 Common or Level 7 Rare or level 4 Epic. They also give you a noticeable value. The Legendary cards are one of the greatest ones, which help you attain the Arena 9. At least once a month, 2 or more these chests will show up in the store if you are lucky.
  • If your card levels meet tournament cap, you can use gems to engage matches to stockpile cards and gold. With 40,000 Gold stored, you will have the occasion to buy a Legendary Card and reach the battlefield. It requires you have to access the Legendary Arena. The video will supply lots of useful tutorials of the talented creator that you can learn.

Next, do not use up the Gold you have while you are in Clash Royale PC game as well. Reach the next stage and avoid upgrading cards. The card level is much more necessary than the individual level. The proper usage of Gold is to make better and concentrate on no more than 16 cards. While you are defending from the competitor, you will feel comfortable. For instance, the Hog Rider and Giant are good cards on offense. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to upgrading one of them to Level 7. You need to remember that your goal is to approach and explore the tournament level cap with the main deck and conquer the Legendary Arena.

So, many cards can be ignored such as the Knight, Bomber, Bomb Tower, Rocket, or the Barbarian Hut. Instead, gather Gold and ameliorate cards that you often deploy. Do not miss the Tournament levels!

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After you are successful, move to the Decks tab and type “!ArenaX” (X is the Arena number). The list of the best Arena 8 decks will pop up. If you input “!Arena8”, it will say:

“Type to view = !GiantPoison !HogTrifecta !SparkyBarrel !LavaHound !ValkPrince !DPFurnace !DPMini !MinerFurnace !MinerPrincess !RoyalCheese !RGBarrel !GolemPoison !3MuskCycle !LumberMusk !DPBarrel !OPSparky !Pekka3Musk !BowlerBeatdown !LumberLoon !LoonFreeze !HoundLumber !GolemBowler !BowlerPrince !AntiMeta !BowlerSiege !MinerLightning !MortarBowler !Payfecta !GiantLightning !GiantMega !MegaRage !MegaSparky !IceLava !LogMiner !HogLightning !MegaGolem !MinerBowler !MegaLumber !MegaBeatdown !LogMiner2 !LavaLightning !InfernoBait !InfernoGolem !InfernoGiant !InfernoLava !InfernoMiner !HogCycle !HogInferno !MirrorMiner !LumberGiant !LumberGolem !Mirror3M !PDPL3M !Pekka3M !HogCycle2 !HogRocket !LavaLoon !Giant3M !HogFreeze !Mortar !PekkaDP !SparkyBait !BowlerLightning !HogMiner !GiantBarrel !LogMiner3 !MegaRG !Golem3M !MinerDP”

How To Get To Legendary Arena

Finally, you can choose a deck from the collection above. If you press keys “!GiantPoison”, the bot will reply “Giant, Poison, Elixir Collector, Zap, Ice Spirit, Mega Minion, Prince, Musketeer (or Guards)”. See more with the following screenshot.

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