Clash Royale Tournaments Feature

Clash Royale Tournaments – New Feature In The Game

Clash Royale Tournaments Feature

The Basic Principles:

As you can know, skill and experience are two important elements for any player to achieve a special depth into the gameplay. Therefore, you should aim to unlock all of the matches in the skirmishes at the Tournament Card Levels. You can see more in the following image.

Clash Royale Tournaments Feature

These fundamentals can provide to players an awesome and achievable mid-term target. They can make the challenge in-game more exciting.


Each of the confrontations will be celebrated at a specific location. That arrangement will improve the matchmaking. Also, it is faster and attracts more active spectators. The precision will be ameliorated. But, it is not allowed. It is the way that the coming fights will be presented.

Clash Royale Tournaments Feature


Supercell will use a closed matchmaking system instead of asking you to be online at the accurate time. With that improvement, each match will have their own leaderboard and matchmaking pool. Aside from that, you do not need to leave the current clan to take part in another anymore.


All battles are ready for you to free engage. Nevertheless, it will cost gems to create. Keep calm! They will be the prize pool later. Indeed, there are several sizes of them can be hosted. You are able to hold an event and much more at level 8.


The prize pool should have partaken so that every player in the top half of the combat can obtain one case. From that situation, the top winner will acquire the biggest one. Supercell actually would like to have a lot of victors in each Clash Royale Tournament.

Clash Royale Tournaments Feature

Additionally, in the largest tourney, the first conqueror will gain a big treasure containing 15,000 cards which are guaranteed 500 Epics and 1 Legendary inside.


You can participate in just one competition at once. However, you can leave and check your capability in another whenever. The left progress will be removed completely. You can’t be a part of the other one while you are opening up a crate. It will cause you a natural Pause between circumstances. There is not any slot in 4 apertures in case you grasp one Tournament Chest.

Let’s get ready to play Clash Royale game, create a series of contests and loot gold coins along with other valuable objects in mysterious boxes right now! Hope you enjoyed!

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