The 10 Best Cards in Clash Royale

Are you curious about the best cards in Clash Royale game? Perhaps, you have been playing and using a lot of cards through various battles, and it will be much better if you know what the best cards are in order to use them to your advantage. Below here are all best cards in the game that you should utilize or obtain to get an edge over your opponents. All of them are divided into four groups.

The 10 Best Cards in Clash Royale

Best Cards in Clash Royale

Best Common Cards

Clash Royale ZapThe Zap Spell

The Zap Spell was the one of the most common cards that lots of players use. It’s a necessary card that can counter the bait decks, and it also offers an effective stun skill. The Zap spell is able to adapt to any deck and it costs only 2 Elixir.



Elite Barbarians

Elite Barbarians

After developing their health and damage, Elixir Barbarians are extremely destructive. It’s kind of an exclusive unit that can be utilized as a second win condition. Many buildings are replaced with Elite Barbarians due to their protective skills and high DPS, which can totally cut through some tanks.

When you face Elixir Barbarians, you should stay watchful for your enemy’s elixir. Your rival can dash with Elixir Barbarians, which gives out a large amount of damage on the tower if you lack of Elixir for protection.

Ice SpiritIce Spirit

Using Ice Spirit can bring you great value. It will assist your deck cycle, and cooperate with Hog pig-pushes very well. When playing defensively, it is able to prevent some cards like archers, minions, mega minion from dealing damage to your tower. In addition, it gives out great value when make some opponent units immovable, which gives more time to your units to get through all dangers and give out damage.


Clash Royale MinionsMinions can be better than other cards, like Archers, Knight or Skeletons. They have been used for fighting back the Graveyard. They only costs 3 Elixir, but they are able to give out high DPS, which can help them cut through solitary tanks. You can use them as a nice support card.




Best Rare Cards

ICE GolemIce Golem

Ice Golem was known as the second common card that was used most in the game. It’s good at tanking against various backup units, which permits your units to destroy the tank. Its death damage can cooperate with the Hog very well, which totally demolishes a bunch of skeletons. You can pair up the Ice Golem with Hog Pushes. It only costs 2 Elixir and is able to fight back Elite Barbarians  with the support of Ice Spirit.

Clash Royale FireballFireball

In ladder play, it’s good to utilize the Fireball. Just like other cards, such as Wizards, Witches Minion Horde, or even Barbarians, the Fireball also gives out nice values too. It can destroy Barbarians with the assistance of death damage of Ice Golem at some standard tournaments. Mostly, lots of famous Graveyard decks need the Fireball to destroy the cards that fight back the Fireball. If it’s paired with a Zap or a log when playing defense, it is able to destroy the musketeer, wizard, archers, minions, witch and much more. For protecting a push, it’s much better to destroy these backup cards.

Clash Royale FurnaceFurnace

Furnaces is very famous in the tournaments. It becomes so strong since your rival has to respond to each of fire spirit spawning as every single of them deals a fireball’s damage at some tournament standards. If it’s left unattended, a furnace is able to give out roughly 13000 damage to a tower! The furnace can be used for both offense and defense because it has sufficient HP to fight back one Hog.  But it’s not a useful one for ladder play.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMegaminion

This is a perfect and useful unit in lots of locations. Megaminion possesses high DPS, not high Minions. It is able to get through a Fireball, which makes it great! If you use mega minion with ice spirit, this combo will help you finish off a solitary hog easily. It’s available in some Giant/Golem beatdown decks and Lavahound decks since it’s an effective and supportive card.


Best Epic Cards

Skeleton ArmySkeleton Army

Skeleton Army is also the most usual epic card in the game. You only have to spend 3 Elixir on using it, but its DPS is an extremely great thing! They can cut through any tank if alone. You can only use skeleton Army to get rid of the tank, also, it is able to destroy the backup cards of the tank too. The principal weakness of this card is a zap, log or an ice golem. If the rival doesn’t have any those cards, your skeleton army is totally able to fight back anything.


The Bowler is known as a tank for the graveyard, it’s a typical one in the deck. It is capable of protecting against ground units well. The increase of the bowler is caused by the increase in Elite Barbarians since the bowler is a tough counter. Using the bowler takes some skills because it’s not a fast card and it’s vulnerable to air. Try to take control of the game well so that you can use it to win the battle.


Spell FreezeFreeze Spell

If the freeze is more useful, you will reach the higher rank in the ladder. Similar to the rage spell, it rises through over time when you improve it. You can usually see this card in some decks like Barbarians decks, Balloon decks, and Graveyard Freeze. If you know how to use it properly, it will help you defeat all!



After undergoing the last big update, the Balloon card becomes great now! Its death damage is greatly developed, which permits it to get rid of minions, skeletons, princess easily and deal damage to the crown tower. You can pair it with Lavahound.


Best Legendary Cards

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Graveyard can be paired with various decks well, like bowler graveyard, giant graveyard, barbarian hut graveyard, elite barbarians graveyard and so on. The Graveyard skeletons are fired by the crown tower all the time. If you keep this legendary card upgraded through over time, you will help it rise the usefulness and effectiveness exponentially, which is just like the rage and freeze supposition.


Clash Royale Minions The Log

The Log

The Log is totally able to adapt to any decks in the game. Even though it’s not able to aim at air units, it’s still kind of useful and good at pushing back ground units, which principally deals a longer knockout effect than the zap. In addition, it can even give out more damage than the Zap, which permits to to destroy the Princess and Dart Goblins that are just dropped. Generally, the Log is a kind of great and helpful card in almost any situations.


The Princess can be a popular legendary card in the game that you can see in several bait decks. It’s kind of useful thanks to its intimidating tower escaping scope because the enemy has to react to it.




The Lavahound is considered as one of the least flexible cards. If you want to utilize it in a deck, the other cards that are built around it must be very special, like balloon, inferno dragon, minions, miner, mega minion and much more. However, they are useful decks that you can use and make some effective combos, for instance:

  • The miner will be allowed to tank for the Lava ups if you use Hound and Miner combo.
  • The combo including Hound and Balloon is a strong one. As you know, the balloon is a strong when it’s alone, but when you cooperate it with the Lavahound, this combo becomes a dangerous and difficult one to prevent.

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